October 30, 2012


Next week my family and I are going on a vacation with my mum and my sister's family. It had been more than ten years since we had a chance to go on vacation with my mum. She had a stroke more than ten years ago. In fact due to her speedy recovery, we did go on vacation together a few years after her stroke.

A couple of years after that she had depression and non of us realize that until she committed suicide. She took all her pills at one go and slept in her room. Luckily my sister found out before it was too late. After that incident it was going downhill all the way for all of us.

We went from psychiatrist to psychiatrist. That few years she refuse to meet anyone except us family members. She won't even step foot into a saloon to have her hair cut. She would rather get her maid to cut for her.

Thank goodness lately she is pretty much her self again. We would chat over the phone every now and then. She would even make friends with the neighbors. In fact when I suggested that we go on a vacation with her she felt excited and can't wait to pack her clothes and go.

Glad she is back to normal. Can't wait for next week. Normally our annual vacation are with my in-laws of just the four of us. My sister had not gone for a break in a long time too. Glad she could make it this time.

Thanks for reading. Hope you will have a great vacation soon too.

October 26, 2012

Smart Dog

My Muffin had grown so much. He love sun bathing in the afternoon. Notice the garden hose by his side? He had never bite or pull the hose before. He would go potty in the garden on the grass area. I taught him that since puppy but sometime accident do happen.

It is raining season now in Kuala Lumpur. Sometime when the rain is too heavy, he would urine on the tiles instead. There was one night, after the rain, I and hubby notice he was urinating on the tiles. I told him in an angry tone "Muffin! Why did you urine here? The rain had stopped, you should go urine outside" as if he understand English. He continue to urine, then he turn and look at me with a sorry face. He then went and took the garden hose and pull it to the spot where he just urinated and put the hose down. He then keep staring at the hose like expecting water to come out and wash away his urine.

I and hubby was speechless and then I laugh. Every morning he watched me water the plants and wash the floors with water from the hose. He must be imitating me. Is this a coincident or was he really that smart? I shouldn't underestimate him.

That's my dog. I am the proud owner. A few days later he urinated on the tiles again but he didn't go get the hose anymore. Wonder how wide is his understanding of my language. Pets do surprise us from time to time. Glad to have him with us. Even though sometimes he could be quite annoying but we all love him dearly.

Thanks for reading. Hope your pet is as lovely as mine.

October 16, 2012

Termites Problem

Oh my, we found termites trail on the ceiling and a corner of a room. It all started last year. My neighbor on my right had termites in the ceiling and he tried getting rid of it himself. After the neighbor's wife told me about it, hubby decided to get someone from the pest control company to come and take a look at our house. We were certified to be clean, no sign of termites at all.

A few months back, hubby noticed some damaged on the kitchen cabinet door and looks like it was done by termites. So we cleaned the whole cabinet and he painted a layer of anti pest poisonous kinda liquid onto the door and all. The smell was terrible and it stayed for few days.

Then about a month later, I noticed one of my hibiscus was wilting when the other plants around it is doing fine. After investigation, hubby found termites having a party on a piece of dead wood next to the hibiscus. He got rid of that too on his own.

Last week he noticed termites trail on the ceiling. Now we are worried and seek professional help. Luckily enough the damage was not much. I didn't pay much attention to termites until the guy from the pest control explained to us about termites colony, that there is no way they could eat up the whole roof overnight etc.

They just look for the trail, confirm there are termites and what is the species and they just stick a box of yummy termites food on the trail. Once they eat it, the workers will die gradually and the rest of the colony will die too. It seems that only the workers chew on woods and after that the workers will go home and feed the queen, the baby termites and the soldiers.

Wow, the whole colony only depend on the workers to find food to feed them all. So sounds like three quarters of the colony are lazy bums. At least we are getting rid of it the natural way, non poisonous, no terrible smell and we don't have to pack our bags and move house.

I told my son that we are going to kill the whole colony of termites meaning that those few houses around my house will be safe from termites for a while. My son jokingly said that in that case neighbors nearby should help pay the cost of the pest control too.

Thank you for visiting. Hope you don't and never will have termites problem. They often hide from us and are really sensitive, once their trail was disturbed, they will immediately moved to another corner of the house.

October 2, 2012

A Ring Of Rainbow Around The Sun

I would call this another of my little miracle. How often do we actually look at the sun, moon, mountains, trees etc. Maybe if we pay close attention, we do get to see amazing things once in a while.

Yesterday at noon my son text me from school. He asked me to go outside and take a photo of the sun because it is different yesterday. From his school, one glance he saw a sun with a halo.

So I went out, face the lenses towards the sky without looking at the sun, because at that hour the sun is directly above my head, and took quite a lot of shots from few different angle. After that I went into the house and found that almost all my photos was taken perfectly. The sun is right in the center of each photo.

Look at the three photos above. Isn't it lovely. Now we get to admire the sun without looking at it directly. The wonders of science and invention of camera.

Thanks for visiting. We should all pay a little more attention to nature and discover it's wonders.
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