February 26, 2013

Bitter Or Sweet

Someone once told me that all toddlers and young children are adorable. Not all, I would say. I had seen parents who indirectly teach children to bully. I have seen small children snatch toys from others, push others around and their parents just stand there and grin like it is something they should be proud off. These are also the parents who complains that there are bullies at school and didn't realize they themselves are grooming their own children to be one soon.

Bullies weren't born to bully. Someone, somehow, along the the way, indirectly encourage them to bully. A mom once told me that her only daughter were very bossy at school, since kindergarden. She told me this, in front of her girl, and with a proud smile and laugh every now and then as she gives me the details of how her cute little girl boss others around. Indirectly she already encourages her girl to continue doing that.

I know this little girl since birth. I watch her mom slowly but surely transform the sweet little girl into a grumpy, bossy, and not to mentioned nasty little girl that not only other children dislike her, adults hate her too. Wonder why her mom can't see how horrible she turns out to be. If you take a look at her photo album, ninety per cent of the time she put up a grumpy face and hardly smile. She had that "I hate you" look in her eyes in almost all the photos.

I have also witnessed some children who snap at their grandparents, say nasty things and not a word from their own parents to discourage that. In fact they gave their children the approval smile. Oh my. Can't believe that there are parents who find it amusing watching their own children treat their own parents in such a way.

Why can't these folks turn their adorable babies into a sweet little girl or boy that everyone adores. I would prefer my children, even my pets, to be likable by all. Thanks for reading and happy parenting to you.

February 19, 2013

Celebration coming to an end

Oh boy, what a great week. Chinese New Year ends this Sunday, so soon. We celebrate for fifteen days. Anyway school starts this week so there won't be any visitors or visiting until this weekend. After that is the end of ang pau giving and receiving. Time pass really fast when you are enjoying yourself. Children enjoy the money received from the ang pau packets given by relatives and friends parents and adults enjoy the bonding time with relatives that we only get to see once a year. Most distant relatives were busy throughout the year, either busy making money or the elderly busy taking care of their grandchildren. Chinese New Year is the only time we can get to visit each other. Interesting.

Hope I get more time to blog and add more post from next week onward and not to mentioned to go blog hopping too. Thanks for readibg and hope you had a great Chinese New Year and Happy Belated Valentine Day too.
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