September 18, 2013

A Day At Padi Field And Seaside

Last weekend the whole family, including in-laws, nieces and nephews, went on a day trip to the outskirt of Selangor. We folks who live in town like Kuala Lumpur rarely get to see how the farmers and fishermen live. The children, or I should say the teenagers love it. All my nieces and nephews are already in their teens or older. At least a day away from tall buildings and traffic.

The first two photo is the photo of padi field. A really huge place, miles and miles with padi. We should have visit the place a few months later, as you can see the padi now is still young and look just like any grass. When they are ripe and almost ready to harvest, it is much taller and look lovely with rice hanging at the end.

This place is quite near the sea too. We ate at the fishing village. In the late afternoon we spent some time at the beach. Look at the tree house in the third photo, they had a few there by the seaside.

Quite a tiring day but lovely to go out with the whole big family. Once in a while it is good to get away from town.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great week.

September 3, 2013

My Dragon Fruit

At last the dragon fruit plant that a friend gave many years ago is blooming. It did flower once, a few months back but it dropped in just two weeks. Hope this one last. As per the friend, the flesh of this plant is red instead of white. That we have to wait and see. Finger cross and hope we get to eat it.

The rainy season is here again. It rained almost everyday. The first time when I noticed the flower it was raining too and I told hubby maybe we should put an umbrella above the flower to protect it. Just kidding. We had waited for so many years to see the first flower, taste the first fruit. precious. That is the fun part about gardening, like bringing up a child.

Happy blogging and happy gardening to those who love to get their hands dirty and patience enough to wait for the outcome.
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