June 27, 2011

A birdie with only an eye

Look what we found one afternoon. A tiny baby bird standing there in the garden and refuse to fly away when shoo. We then placed it in an open box and leave it in the middle of the garden, hoping that it's mummy and daddy would come to it's rescue. Still no sign of mum and dad after one hour. It could fly but not much.

So we decided to place it in the house. Hubby went and got a cage and some bird food for it. As it was standing there, I realize it only had one good eye. Poor thing. Is that the reason why it was being abandoned?

I still have my feeding bottle for pets (for my rabbits). So we mix some bird food in water and feed it with the bottle. It manage to drink a few drops then it stop. It would just stand there chirping. After awhile, it got tired and sleeps for quite a while.

At about ten at night, we place it in a cage. we only manage to feed it a few times and each time only a few drops of diluted bird food. It would just stand there and sleep. Must be real sick by then. By mid-night it drop to the bottom of the cage but still breathing. After awhile my youngest son picks it up to have a closer look and it died in his hands.

What an adventure. During hubby's younger days, he had once found a baby bird on a nest that had just drop from a tree. The nest drop because he catapult the fruits on the tree and didn't realize there was a nest with bird inside. He took it home, feeds it regularly until it grew strong enough to fly. It would fly in and out of their house when ever it likes. It would even respond to hubby's whistle.

Guess this episode with one eye bird didn't last very long. At least I still have it's photos and video for remembrance and another tale to tell my grand kids in the future and a tale for my blog too. Thanks for reading about my adventure, would love to hear about yours too, if you don't mind.

June 24, 2011

Too Matured For Their Age

When I was young, my parents got divorce when I was only six. Dad ran from paying alimony and mum had to work seven days a week to maintain a roof above our head and food on the table. Grandma took care of us but she had never been to school. So I grew up with limited general knowledge. I was asthmatic too, so I had to skip school every time I had an attack.

In school I do not have many friends because other kids think that I am lazy for skipping school so often. I remembered there was once, I was absent during a monthly test and the next day I was allowed to re-sit for the test. I was suppose to spell "helmet" and draw it too. I was already seven then. Had no clue what a helmet was. My fellow classmates look at me like I was from outer space.

Those embarrassing moments are still fresh in my mind. I promise myself, when I have kids, I will jammed pack their brains with general knowledge before they start school.

When my sons were younger, every night we would chat before they sleep. What ever questions they asked I always have an answer for them. Even if I do not know the answer, I would find out and tell them the next day. We would read the encyclopedia when ever we had the time.

One night, my youngest son, around age four then, asked how come when ever I switch off the lights, the room appear to be so dark and later we could see again. I trained them to sleep in the dark since birth. I explained to both of them that there is a small window in our eye called the pupil. It controls the amount of light that can enter the eye to help us see better. It needs time to open or close, so every time when I switch off the lights, we would count to ten and right after that we could see in the dark again.

Told them that it will never be that dark at night because there is always the moonlight and the street light just out side our house. They became more confident and not so scared of the dark.

Few months after that, we went on an annual family trip to the beach. We get to stay in a bungalow by the beach with my in-laws and nieces and nephews. Most of my nieces and nephews were of my sons age.

That night, all adults were busy downstairs preparing for a barbecue and all children were upstairs playing in those four rooms. Most of them were below ten years of age and about nine of them. Suddenly there was a black out. The whole neighborhood was without electricity.

The first thing that cross my mind was the children upstairs. I shouted from downstairs telling everyone not to move and that I am coming to get them. I could hear a few of them running and shouting towards the stairs. Some were crying too. When I found my sons in one of the rooms, my youngest son giggled and said "Why do they have to panic? Don't they know that the pupil in our eye needs time to open for more lights to enter?"

I was a proud mummy that day. Glad to know that all those stories I told them every night does not go to waste. Others always tell me that me children were very matured for their age. I don't find that to be a bad thing. Since most of the facts they would need to know sooner or later, why not sooner.

There was the time when we were all at my sister-in-law's house. My niece had just got a microscope set from Toys'R'us and the children were all taking turns to look at the specimens provided. My eldest son, around the age of eight, took one look and said loudly, "Hey! This looks like a sperm!" My in-laws with their eyes wide open, all look at me. Hey, we do read the encyclopedia and it comes with pictures too.

Where ever I go or do with my boys, even just watching t.v, I would explain to them what it is about, what it is suppose to mean, morally is it right or wrong etc. Children at the age below ten have brains like a sponge. They could absorb more then you think they could. To me, it is better that they learned from me than to learn from their fellow friends of the same age, they might get the wrong message.

Thanks for reading and happy parenting.

June 21, 2011

Steam Eggs ( 3 in 1)

Saw this recipe on t.v. Had heard of this dish but had never eaten it in the past. Wonder why grandma or mum had never tried cooking this. All you need is three types of eggs, that is salted eggs, century eggs and chicken eggs. The portion is up to you. You have got to like eggs to like this dish.

First cut the century eggs and place it on a bowl or plate like the first photo. Then break the salted eggs, separate the yolks. Mash the salted egg yolks and place it in the middle. Lastly, mix the salted egg white with the normal chicken eggs and beat well. Don't have to beat till fluffy, just mix well will do. To me, I didn't add any salt to the dish as the salted eggs are salty enough. Than gently pour it on the plate and steam it for about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the portion.

Serve while it is hot. Normally we do steam eggs like these at home but either just chicken eggs or minced meat steam with eggs. Give it a try, who know's, you might like it.

Thanks for reading and happy cooking and blogging.

June 19, 2011

Football Referee (funny)

During a football game, a woman kept shouting treats at the referee. No matter what happened on the field, she continuously yelled, "Kill the referee!"

This went on for an hour. Finally, another fan called out, "Hey lady! What's wrong with you! The referee hasn't done anything wrong!"

"Hey," she yelled back, "How would you know?" He's my husband, not yours!"

Learning English

Our new maid, a Chinese national, unable to speak any English and afraid of getting lost in a new environment, copied the words from the sign on the gate in front of our house, figuring that if she could show it to anyone, and they could tell her how to get home. She was lost for almost a day. The sign she copied read: "Beware Of Dog."

Final Notice

I am a very systematic and organised person. I make sure all my bills are paid promptly at the end of each month, so I was somewhat taken by surprise when I received a letter from an electrician that stated in bold letters, "Second and Final Notice!"

"I'm sorry," I said when I called him. "I never saw the first notice."

"I didn't send one," he told me. "I find second notices are much more effective."

Just for laughs! Enjoy!

June 14, 2011

Never Try Never Know

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"

I am very sure that the Wright brothers aren't the first people who dream of flying but they are the first who dare to try and succeed after so many failures. Benjamin Franklin might not be the first to know about electricity but he was the brave guy who try to find out more and successfully invented electricity.

One of my Chinese friend only eats Chinese food and nothing else. Asked her why, she said not sure but not willing to try. Before even trying other types of cooking she had already presumed it would not taste as good as Chinese food.

One of my niece who is oversea studying now, is in her senior years and most of her seniors are tutoring juniors for some extra pocket money but she, on the other hand wanted to but dare not try tutoring.

Once I heard a lady telling her friend about how good this particular new product was, how much it saves money and time and the friend said she totally agreed but not willing to change the way she does things. She prefers the old way, the way that grandma and mum does even though it cost more and more time consuming.

As for most Aries, we are bold folks, head first, at least if we ever crashed we could tell others our experience rather than sit there and imagine the outcome. Why should we limit ourselves. At least if I tried and failed, I am satisfied, rather than few years later, sitting at the coffee shop telling another soul, if only I ........

If I fail, I become more experienced in that field and will have more tales to share, but there are still some percentage that I would succeed. Like my mum used to say, if she buys the lottery, she stands a fifty percent chance of winning but if she don't buy, one hundred percent she will not win a lottery.

Thanks for reading and hope you will not limit yourself. If it is not too risky or dangerous to try something new, why not? Why limit our self? The most we could live is up to a 100 years old and don't you think is a waste that we were given so much time to try out so many things and we didn't and start regretting on our dying bed. Start your bucket list now and not like the movie "Bucket List" to try new stuffs only when the doctor said your time is up.

June 10, 2011

My Koi Fishes

Remember my earlier post (very much earlier) about our D.I.Y fish pond? This is the pond. We used to rear swordtail fishes in it. It was easy to care for and the water don't get milky so fast. It breeds very easily in this cement made pond. Most who visit us at home always took a peek in the pond to see what is in it and I always get remarks like, "can't really see those fishes, they are too small for the pond."

One fine day as I was watching t.v, a documentary about pets, they were showing all sorts of Koi fishes and I fell in love with it immediately. So we went to the nearest pet shop and got us a few Koi fishes. That was almost a year ago. We started with four fishes than added a few more but some of it could not last long. They are quite sensitive and the water needs to be cleaned / changed frequently.

I had been trying to take photos of those Koi fishes since we took them home. Most of the photos turned out blur or with the reflection of the water, could not really see them well. Then last month, one fine morning as I was watering my plants, I saw those fishes all at the surface at the same corner, all at the same time. I quickly took a few shots. Then I realize the pump went out and they were gasping for air.

So I threw away about half of the ponds water and added new water hoping those water could provide them with enough air till hubby comes home from work to fix the pump. It would only be a few hours or so. I did add anti chlorine to the water and feed them too. I didn't really pay attention to them after that until about evening when I need to go out, I noticed all the fishes were dead.

Poor thing. These photos are all I have of them. The only photos that were clear enough that shows their lovely colors. Any advice anyone, on how I could take better care of Koi fishes in the future? They do bring a smile to me every morning when I feed them but unlike my rabbit, I had never try giving those fishes a pat. Saw on t.v a pet owner actually pat his Koi fishes everyday. Too slimy for me to pat.

Thanks for reading. Maybe I should stick to rabbits, dogs and cats as I could pat them, play with them and give them a good massage from time to time. Wish all pet's owner out there, good luck with your pets.

June 6, 2011

Basic Survival Skill

There was this millionaire who decided to make a will and in the will he wrote that all his assets will go to charity. He is not going to leave a single cent to his children. Asked why, he replied, "They should be making their own money and not wait for mine. By the time I should pass away, they would have made their first buck and if not, they should learn how to and not wait for my money and should be learning basic survival skill." I heard this over the radio sometime back. A lot of listener did called in to the radio station and commented about this. Some agreed and some not.

I totally agree with him. I had just watched The Oprah Show few hours ago, a rerun, an interview with Donald Trump. He too, made all his children work for their money. This are basic survival skills. During the stone age, children were taught hunting skills since they were very young, just like any other animals, for that was their main survival skills. But since money were invented, to me, learning how to make money is a survival skill.

I find most children in Malaysia now a days were being pampered. Even the middle class and the lower class parents, most of them do not teach their children the importance about money. Children were only taught how to spend and not how to earn or make money. Not many teach their kids how to save money either. They haven't the slightest clue where money to the family comes from and how.

Once, on The Oprah Show, a lady said it is important to let our kids know where and how money comes to the family and how it was spend. Even The Seven Habit for family did mentioned that all the family member must understand who is the bread winner of the family and what are the roles and responsibility of other family members.

I do tell my sons how the family money were spend. I show them all the bills that we have to pay. I also let them know the difference between luxury goods and necessities. So now a days when ever we go shopping or vacation, my sons always asked, can we afford this?

From time to time I let them know the pressure that they might face when they are working next time, and ways to overcome obstacle. That was this someone I knew who works in the Human Resources for many years but yet never teach her own children how to prepare themselves for interviews etc. These are some of the survival skills that we as parents should equip them with.

I find most parents are overprotecting their children, felt vulnerable about teaching their children about the real world, the jungle out there, those years of working life. Very reluctant to tell their children that even the C.E.O of a company have to work very hard too. I always tell my sons those straight A's they get does not really help them much in the future. It is just a key to enter the work force. After that it is lots and lots of hard work to succeed, be it a hawker or a billionaire, all have to work very hard to survive and to maintain their status.

Part of growing up is learning the basic survival skills and it will never be taught in school. So parents out there, tell your children the truth, stop saying that if they study hard and get those A's, they were promise a bright future. I have seen so many graduates that are jobless, and some who couldn't stay long in a job because lack of endurance, can't take pressure and thinking that their degree / pHD should land them a job that is easy and earn a lot.

Thanks for reading and hope my sharing do open some eyes. Have a productive day to you.

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