December 29, 2009

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December 27, 2009

Wrong Number

One day, I found Sam, my four-year old son, with the telephone which he quickly hung up when he saw me.

"What were you doing with the phone?" I asked him.

"Calling Auntie Sarah," he said.

"How could you have called Auntie Sarah?" I asked. "You don't even know her number."

"Yes I do, and I did call her," little Sam replied.

I wasted a lot of breath trying to convince him that he didn't know her number, but he insisted that he had made the call.

"Okay," I said finally. "What did she say then, if you called her?"

"She told me I had the wrong number!" Sam answered.

Just for laughs! Have a great week ahead. Thanks for reading.

December 24, 2009

Cute Little Frog

Now how often can someone like me staying in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, staying very far from any jungle etc get a chance to meet up with a fellow like this. Isn't it lovely. So shinny and it is very tiny. I could hardly see it at first. I was watering my plant when it's skin sort of shine and it caught my eye. It was between the grass and only the size of an egg. It moves very slowly. Perhaps because I was around. I stand there watching it for a while. Then I told myself, I have to catch it (on film).

Maybe this is the law of attraction (from "The Secret") I love nature and always get visitors like these in my garden once in a while. Actually the animal I admire the most is the tiger. I did get a chance to have my whole family's photo taken with a white tiger. A real life breathing white tiger and I get to pat it too. Really dream came true. It was after a magic show perform with animals and at the end of the show audiences are allowed to take photos with the animals there and I choose the tiger. Wish one day I could feed and carry a cub tiger, that would be great.

Happy new year to all my readers and followers and thanks for reading.

December 20, 2009

Drunk Dad Are Dangerous

This is a true funny story that happened few years back. My eldest son was only 10 years old then. My neighbor who lives two doors away, invited us to a Chinese New Year party at her place. Besides food, liquor was also served. My husband's face and neck turns red every time he takes liquor, even just a little sip. That night he drank more then a glass full. Even his eyes turn really red even though he is not drunk.

We went home at about ten at night. My husband said he felt sleepy and went straight to bed. I and my 2 boys stayed up to watch t.v. About 10 minutes later, my eldest son came and sat beside me. He spoke in a soft and concern tone. He said, "Mom. I think you should sleep in the hall tonight." I was surprised and ask him why. His replied, "Dad looks drunk. It should be dangerous to sleep in the same bed. I don't want to end up having another brother or sister."

It always tickle me to think back at that conversation that night. This must be a case of watching too many Chinese drama on t.v. Every time you see a drunk guy in the show, a female is bound to get pregnant.

Well actually on that day, at that moment, I didn't burst into laughter. I was stunned for a while and not sure what to say to him. Wow this is a tough one. How should I react. I can't remember exactly what I told him but I did slept in my room and nothing happened.

Guess he should know by now not all drunk guys are dangerous. Ha ha ha. This is the wonders of having kids. Once in a while they will drop a bomb and surprise you with stuffs that you would never dream they would say or do.

See, I told you parenting is cool and fun (to some of my friends who are so afraid to get married and have kids) Happy parenting and thanks for reading

December 16, 2009

Roselle Drink

This is easy to make and taste lovely. All you need is about one kg. of Roselle flower (raw). Wash it and remove the seed. Put everything in a big pot, add sugar and water and bring it to a boil. I normally will make more. Let it cool down and I will bottled it and put it in the fridge. You can leave it in the fridge for few days and it will still taste nice.

My sons said it taste a bit like wine minus the alcohol, after a few days in the fridge.It does taste a little bit sour like grape wine. I did try to plant the seeds. The plants grew well and turn out quite big but the fruits drop before it gets a chance to grew big. Guess the weather in Kuala Lumpur is not cool enough for it to grow properly. The person I bought it from, grew it on a hill, cooling place in Malaysia. Look at the flower, so big and nice.

Hope this plant is available to you at your home. Try it. It is a very refreshing drink and easy to prepare. Hope you like it and thanks for reading.

December 14, 2009


After an examination, the doctor told Lucy that she needed a sigmoidoscopy to check her lower intestine. He began the examination, telling her to let him know if she felt any pain. The doctor's efforts brought forth a tremendous amount of gas on her stomach that she expelled with a very loud fart.

"Lucy dear!" the doctor exclaimed. "A simple 'Yes' or 'No' will suffice!"


Last Will and Testament

A lawyer reads the will of a rich man to the deceased's family. "To my loving wife, Maisy, who stood by me in rough times as well as good, I leave the house and two million dollors." The lawyer continued, "To my daughter, July, who looked after me in sickness and kept the business going, I leave the yacht, the business and one million dollar." The lawyer concluded, "And to my cousin, Mike, who hated me, argued with me, and thought that I would never mention him in my will - well you are wrong! Hi, Mike!"

Just for laughs, hope you like this. Thanks for reading.

December 10, 2009

New Year Resolution

Well, it is that time of the year again. Time to look back and see what I have achieved this year and what I should do next year to improve myself. Set new targets / goals, make new friends and make more money. (heh heh heh). So, what is your new year resolution? Do have any? Ever think about it? Wouldn't you want to set a target / goal before you cross over to the next year or would you just cross over like any other ordinary day?

As for me, small things like shaping a bonsai tree or learn something new is an achievement for me. I am thankful that most of my wishes came true this year. Those that didn't, I count as yet to come true, and not a failure. Well some dreams take time to materialize. I can wait. Sometime when things don't turn out the way it should be, guess it is time to start changing the way I do things.

Don't wait for the ghost of Christmas past, present and future to make you realize you need to change. It is good to change the way we do things every now and then, like take a different road to work, rearrange the furniture at home or at work etc.

Perhaps Aries are optimist and always find ways to self motivate. Guess it is faster and easier to motivate myself then to wait for someone to help me. I always believe that only I can truly make me happy. I choose to be happy always and I will. So every year I make sure I bring over sweet happy memories of this year to the next.

Start the New Year with a smile and leaves all my misery and worries behind. Hope you do the same too. Life is too short to always sulk, complain and be unhappy. We can never change another person to make us happy, we can only change us, ourselves, to make us happy. I wish all my readers and followers, in advance, a very Happy New Year ahead with lots and lots of goodies awaits you and thank you for reading.

December 2, 2009

Bougainvillea Bonsai

This happen by accident. As I was trimming my bougainvillea, I accidentally broke one of the matured branch. I don't have the heart to throw it away, so I just took a pot and plant it and see what happen. Weeks passed and the leaves are still green. I let it sit in the sun. Now it bloom too. I am so happy. My first bougainvillea bonsai. I tried planting more using this method but it didn't work, the rest did not last more than 2 weeks. I have a variety of bougainvillea, but the plants are bigger and in big pots. I prefer to keep my plants small, like bonsai. I only have a small garden and want a variety of plants, so it is best to keep everything small.

Guess the saying is true, things happen for a reason. If I didn't break that branch that day, I might not have a bonsai today. Looks like another one of my wishes came true. I am grateful that it happened. Hope your wishes come true too. Happy gardening and thanks for reading.
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