July 28, 2012

He Cares, Actually

When both my sons, which were three years apart, were younger, they used to fight and argue to just about anything under the sun. I was so worried that they might end up like some of my class-mates, who rarely talk to their siblings. I find it strange to know that I have friends who hardly knew their brothers and sisters. I and my sister, could not stop talking when ever we are around each other.

So when ever my sons fight, I told them I will not side anyone and both will be grounded. However, when ever I see them paying together, happily, I would praised them and encourage them to do it more often. Easier said than done, they fight more then playing happily together.

When my younger son entered kindergarden, my eldest son was already in primary school. That few years they were both busy with their own stuff and in separate school. When my younger son was ready for standard one, my elder son was already a junior prefect in school.

The first day of school, I asked my elder son to take good care of his younger brother at school and to show him around. That day after work I asked both of them how was school. To my surprise, my elder son said he introduced his brother to all his friends and the senior prefects in school. He even asked all his friends to take good care of his little brother.

Oh! That was touching! Didn't expect him to do that much. Looks like he really do care about his kid brother. Both my sons are in their teens now. They do chat and exchange views with each other but don't argue as much. They even share shirts and pants as they are now about the same body size. Hah! Reminds me of those days with my sister. We used to share clothes too until we both got married and stayed separate place.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful relationship with your siblings too, as family is extremely important!

July 24, 2012

Vegetarian Dish

I had started to stay away from meat on certain days. I have been trying out all sorts of vegetarian dishes. The mock vegetarian meat look and taste so real. I just bought a packet and fried it with vegetables and mushrooms with a bit of oyster sauce (vegetarian oyster sauce, of cause) and it taste yummy.

Used to think that vegetarian dishes are limited but after a few tutorial from youtube and cook shows on t.v. I manage to learn a few dishes.

I am already in my mid forties and it is best to eat less meat and more vegetables and fruits for health and religion sake. Actually, I have lots of photos on food that I cook but don't have the time to post it or procrastinating / hibernating / what ever you called it heheheheh.

Will explore more on food and post more in the future. Still love blogging. I still have stuffs that pops up in my head and wanted to blog about it but sometime sons need to used the computer for school projects etc and my inspiration of writing just vanish when the p.c is available. Is that sign of aging? Hmmm most likely.

I have got to blog more to keep the brain cell moving. Guess I have to set a time-table for me. Till next time, as usual I have to go now to fetch my son from school, happy blogging to all. (And they said housewife has the most time in hand or maybe I had been doing all sorts of unnecessary stuffs) Time for me to make a change.

July 17, 2012


My mom used to tell me how grandma would asked her to go outside to play whenever they have visitors. In case their conversation leads to topics like sex or menopause etc arise, granny does not want mom to hear any of it. Those days stuffs like these are considered a taboo and should no mention in front of kids.

Mom said when she had her first menstruation, she was at school. She ran to the toilet, lock herself in and cried. Luckily her best friend noticed and ran after her to find out why. Mom thought she is going to bleed to dead soon. Her friend then explain to her that every girl goes through this.

After that incident, when my sister and I was about ten years of age, she sat us down and told us all about the birds and the bees, heh heh heh. My sister and I was giggling all the way and don't really understand the whole concept of the human reproduction cycle. Although I do not have any daughters but I still tell my sons about menstruation etc.

I remembered when we were younger, whenever we asked where we come from, my parents would tell us that they found me next to a dumpster and my sister broke out from a rock. Wonder what granny told mom those days. I doubt mom would dare to asked as granny was said to be fierce and children those days are not encourage to asked questions.

So how do you explain stuffs like these to your children? I always tell them the truth but normally would not give my sons too much details and tell them that they will learn about it in school as it is in their science book.

Embarrass or not every parents would have to go through this even as an uncle or aunt, your niece and nephew might pop these questions too Thanks for reading and have fun parenting.

July 8, 2012

Muffin"s Free Swimming Session

About two weeks back I noticed a club called Mongrel Lovers Club on facebook. I click like and notice there was a photo contest going on and it is a week to closing date. I get son to take some photos of me and Muffin and send it over to join the contest. A week later I saw my photo on facebook announcing that I am one of the five finalist and each finalist get a free swimming session for our dog.

The next day they were suppose to announce the winner but changed their mind and get us finalist to get votes / others to click like on our photo and we got only 24 hours to do that. In the end I couldn't get as much vote as the other contestant but am still happy that we got a free swimming session. Better than nothing.

Upon arrival at the pool, Muffin was given a life jacket to put on. The instructor suggested that one of us be in the pool with him. Hubby said lets try staying at the side of the pool to guide him instead. He could swim in just ten minutes and after twenty minutes or so, we took of the life jacket and he swam all round the pool.

Glad he is enjoying himself very much. Hope Malaysian will come up with more such recreation places for our dogs. I remember when I was young, swimming pool or parks for dogs are unheard of.

Next round I am going to take him to the dog park to socialize with other dogs. I think he is big enough to do that now.

All these kinda reminds me of my sons when they were young. I also planned all these fun time for them. Brings back memories of them being in the pool, the park, restaurant, vacations etc the first time.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great time with your pets too.

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