July 8, 2012

Muffin"s Free Swimming Session

About two weeks back I noticed a club called Mongrel Lovers Club on facebook. I click like and notice there was a photo contest going on and it is a week to closing date. I get son to take some photos of me and Muffin and send it over to join the contest. A week later I saw my photo on facebook announcing that I am one of the five finalist and each finalist get a free swimming session for our dog.

The next day they were suppose to announce the winner but changed their mind and get us finalist to get votes / others to click like on our photo and we got only 24 hours to do that. In the end I couldn't get as much vote as the other contestant but am still happy that we got a free swimming session. Better than nothing.

Upon arrival at the pool, Muffin was given a life jacket to put on. The instructor suggested that one of us be in the pool with him. Hubby said lets try staying at the side of the pool to guide him instead. He could swim in just ten minutes and after twenty minutes or so, we took of the life jacket and he swam all round the pool.

Glad he is enjoying himself very much. Hope Malaysian will come up with more such recreation places for our dogs. I remember when I was young, swimming pool or parks for dogs are unheard of.

Next round I am going to take him to the dog park to socialize with other dogs. I think he is big enough to do that now.

All these kinda reminds me of my sons when they were young. I also planned all these fun time for them. Brings back memories of them being in the pool, the park, restaurant, vacations etc the first time.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great time with your pets too.


Midnite Skys said...

we took the dogs to the dog park that had a lake. The oldest dog was so afraid of the water at first. He loves to play catch and his little bother had his ball and ran in the water... so he ran after him. then the next thing you know we couldn't get him out of the water!!!

Cee S. said...

Seriously, I didn't know that there are swimming lessons for dogs. We only discovered that Roca is a swimmer when she accidentally slipped on a pool at a resort we went to. She knows how to swim, I guess every dogs are naturally born swimmers, though Roca was always in panic — I guess, this is where the swimming lesson is useful. hehe Cute cute muffin!!!

Aries said...

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