April 29, 2011

Macaroni Pizza

Now a days it is easy to get pizza pastry from "baking ingredients" shops. There is one quite near my house. So we decided to do a special macaroni pizza. I just stir fry some macaroni with minced meat. Then put some on the pizza pastry together with some tomatoes, crab stick, mushrooms, parsley and cheese. Taste kinda nice too.

My boys love adding the topping themselves, actually it was their idea to add the macaroni. Wonder what else we could add. Too lazy to make the pastry on my own when I know I could get ready made ones.

Thanks for viewing and hope you like it too.

April 25, 2011

Shopping Online (joke)

When shopping online, it's easy to forget that you may not be dealing with a large corporation.

I recently e-mailed a website asking why my purchase hadn't arrived a week after I'd paid for them.

Later the phone rang. "Sorry for the delay," said a teenager. "I'll check and get back to you. I can't get on my computer right now because my mother's vacuuming and this room has only one socket."

Dad Phones Son

Teenage son receives call on his mobile. "Hello, Russell? It's your father again. I have another question regarding my new computer. Can I tape a movie from cable TV, then fax it from my VCR to my CD-ROM, then e-mail it to my brother's mobile phone so he can make a copy on his neighbour's camcorder?"


Sonny emerged out of the study one afternoon and announced, "I just burned a CD...."
"What?!!" his mom exclaimed, simply horrified. "Why so careless?!!"

Loving E-mail

Dear Sam, How have you been? Your dad and I are fine. We miss you. Please sign off your computer and come downstairs for something to eat. Love, Mom.

Just for laughs. Enjoy and smile always.

April 22, 2011

A Vision Of Hope

Yesterday is but a dream
Tomorrow is only a vision
If today well lived
Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a Vision Of Hope

This quote had been in my head since I was a teen. Someone gave me a book mark with this written on it. It also reminds me of a true story I saw on t.v about a movie director, who's wife was diagnosed of stomach cancer. Her stomach bloated up like she was pregnant. Doctor operated on her and said that it was too late to do anything and stitched her up without removing anything.

Told the movie director to prepare for the worst. She could only have few more months to live. The husband of course refuse to believe that. He ordered all family members and friends who are to visit her to smile at all time and to give her hope. Those who can't control their tears are not allow to visit.

He kept telling the wife that with the latest technology, anything is possible. He contacted so many doctors and friends, read articles about cancer from the internet etc. He tried everything that he could get his hands on to save his wife. She ate all sorts of herbs from all around the world, does all sorts of exercise etc.

About a year later she went back for her medical check-up, doctor performed another operation on her but this time found the tumor just the size of a pea. Even the doctors could not believe what they see. Until today, both husband and wife didn't really know which medicine or exercise that actually cured her. It had been about seven years now and no sign of the cancer reoccurring The director said, "One thing for sure, Hope cured her" Very true. When we think there is hope, we would not give up on us so easily.

Lets give hope to all those around us. Make miracles happen. Thanks for reading and Happy Easter to all.

April 17, 2011

Latest Addition To The Family

Our latest addition to the family. Hubby and son was at the pet shop looking for food for my rabbit and the shop owner introduced this. It seems that now a days most people had lobster as pet. Kinda cute. One male and one female. The bright red one is the male, if not mistaken. Got these two a few months back. Wonder how big it would be when mature.

Just wish to share a video of my new pet. Thanks for viewing. Have a nice day to you.

April 15, 2011

Fake Eggs

Can't believe that fake eggs had reach Malaysia. Read about it almost a year ago about how Chinese in China came up with fake eggs. Those folks who came up with this idea definitely had a brilliant brain neuron. What a pity! Instead of using their brain to come up with something that benefits him and the world where he could easily obtain fame and wealth, came up with ideas how to get rich quick but does not last and might end up in jail.

Hope someone, some where, some how would make these people see that and realize how many folks they had harmed. How could they sleep at night? Don't they feel guilt? So many innocent souls that had nothing to do with them could be eating those eggs now.

Thanks for reading. Hope all these would come to an end soon.

April 11, 2011

Another Award

Thanks to Baili from http://bailiandi.blogspot.com/ for passing this to me. Glad you enjoy reading my posts. This will indeed inspire me to carry on blogging. Now the seven things about me are :

1) I enjoy blogging, it helped in releasing stress.
2) Did dream of writing and publishing a book, but having a blog is less hassle.
3) I am housewife by day and tuition teacher by night.
4) Love maths, love solving Sudoku, Kakuro and any of such games.
5) Do play facebook games like farmville and frontierville.
6) Love animals but not those creepy crawler or mouse.
7) My favourite t.v show is The Oprah Show.

Now I would like to pass on this Award to

Once again, thanks for the award and hope you will continue to follow my blog. Smile always.

April 9, 2011

Punished (funny)

Lum Lum came home from school and said to his mother, "Mommy, today in school I was punished for something that I didn't do."
The mother exclaimed, "But that's terrible! I'm going to have a talk with your teacher about this...By the way, what was it that you didn't do?"
The little boy replied, "My homework."

Phone Number

Mei Mei's mother received a call from the teacher about her seven-year-old daughther misbehaving in class. Back home, Mei Mei and Mommy discussed the situation. In conclusion, she asked Mei Mei, "Do you understand what you did wrong?"
"Yes," Mei Mei replied, head hanging. "I made a mistake at school."
"And what was that?" Mommy asked, hoping to reinforce the point.
"I told the teacher our phone number."

Mother's Writing

Teacher : This homework looks like your mother's writing.
Pupil : Of course, Teacher! I used her pen.


One student to another: It takes me about two hours each night to do my homework - three if my dad helps me.

Just for laugh! Enjoy!

April 4, 2011

Caught In The Act

When I found out that I was pregnant, for the first time, I start reading and learning about parenting from books, newspaper, old wife's tale from old folks and friends. One frequently asked question about parenting was, should the child sleeps with the parents. This reminds me of a story from my friend. True story that happen to her.

At that point of time, my friend only has a daughter and she had been sleeping with them since birth. One fine night, when both husband and wife was in the mid of doing it, they didn't realize that their little girl, about three years old then, was not sound asleep yet. She saw part of it and went back to sleep.

The next morning she woke up and went and sat on mummy's tummy and went up and down and up and down and asked "Why did daddy play horsey with you so late last night in the dark?" Oh boy! What an embarrassing moment! She went to the office and told all of us. We had a good laugh. I was pregnant then. After her tale, I told myself, no way that my kids were to sleep with me.

So from the day I took my son home from the hospital, I let him sleep in a cot in a separate room. The first year, with my eldest son, my mum was staying with me, so my mum sleeps with him but never in the same bed. I want him to get use to having a bed of his own. By the time he was one, I got him a single size mattress, lay it on the floor without a bed. Training for him to not fall off the bed.

When I got my second child, I added another queen size mattress on the floor next to my eldest son's single bed plus the baby cot by the side. The first few months, I would sleep with both in their room. By the time my second was able to walk, he choose to sleep on the mattress with his brother, in a room of their own. When they get older, I upgraded them to a single bed each but still share the same room.

Every night at bedtime, I would change them into their pyjamas and instead of a bedtime story from the story book, I would switch off the lights, lay down besides them and teach them about facts of life and all those general knowledge that a child should know. They would ask questions, we would joke around and have a few laughs before bed. In my opinion, happy thoughts before bed will come with sweet dreams instead of nightmares. My two sons had never before come running to my room scared and unable to sleep. Unless if one of them were sick, I would sleep in their room to keep an eye on them. So far so good.

Just last month my youngest son, 14 years old now, said he missed those days where we would chat before bed, so I told him maybe we should start doing it again. With school homework and t.v and handphone texting and facebooking, my sons normally do not have so much time for me now a days. Yeah I missed those days too, listening to their funny yet innocent questions and statements.

Those days they were eager to learn from me, like a sponge, now most of the time I would be learning from them. Thanks for reading and happy parenting to you. Any interesting or funny parenting tale to share?

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