April 15, 2011

Fake Eggs

Can't believe that fake eggs had reach Malaysia. Read about it almost a year ago about how Chinese in China came up with fake eggs. Those folks who came up with this idea definitely had a brilliant brain neuron. What a pity! Instead of using their brain to come up with something that benefits him and the world where he could easily obtain fame and wealth, came up with ideas how to get rich quick but does not last and might end up in jail.

Hope someone, some where, some how would make these people see that and realize how many folks they had harmed. How could they sleep at night? Don't they feel guilt? So many innocent souls that had nothing to do with them could be eating those eggs now.

Thanks for reading. Hope all these would come to an end soon.


baili said...

omg ,i am not aware of it dear,in my village home i was quite familiar to chickens and eggs ,some time there were two yolks in one egg but dont knlw such wrong use of brain,

Aries said...

They used chemicals to make the yolk and all like making jelly with a mould. Terrible folks

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