April 25, 2011

Shopping Online (joke)

When shopping online, it's easy to forget that you may not be dealing with a large corporation.

I recently e-mailed a website asking why my purchase hadn't arrived a week after I'd paid for them.

Later the phone rang. "Sorry for the delay," said a teenager. "I'll check and get back to you. I can't get on my computer right now because my mother's vacuuming and this room has only one socket."

Dad Phones Son

Teenage son receives call on his mobile. "Hello, Russell? It's your father again. I have another question regarding my new computer. Can I tape a movie from cable TV, then fax it from my VCR to my CD-ROM, then e-mail it to my brother's mobile phone so he can make a copy on his neighbour's camcorder?"


Sonny emerged out of the study one afternoon and announced, "I just burned a CD...."
"What?!!" his mom exclaimed, simply horrified. "Why so careless?!!"

Loving E-mail

Dear Sam, How have you been? Your dad and I are fine. We miss you. Please sign off your computer and come downstairs for something to eat. Love, Mom.

Just for laughs. Enjoy and smile always.


baili said...

hey dear hope all is good in your world god bless

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