January 28, 2010

Another Award

I thank "Buttery"Fly ( http://mybutteryfly.blogspot.com/ ) for forwarding this award to me. She had been a faithful fan. I am really glad and thankful that you find my blog "Beautiful". I will try my level best to further beautify my blog this year. Hope I won't let you down.

The Golden Rule for receiving this award is I have to say 7 things that not many people know about me. Here goes:

1. I am a Malaysian Chinese
2. I am a Buddhist.
3. I am obsessed with solving "Kakuro", "Sudoku" and the Rubik Cube.
4. I prefer reading a book than watching movies.
5. I prefer hilarious, funny comedy movies than horror ones.
6. Hate wearing high heels because I can't walk properly in them. The only time I wore heels was on my wedding day and I told my hubby to make very sure he is at my side when I walk, because I know I will fall if I don't hold someone. ( I am quite a clumsy gal you know)
7. I also hate applying make-up, especially lipstick. I can't eat with it on my lips. I had a full make-up on my face only on my wedding day. When I attend dinner function, party etc, I never wear lipstick at all. (I guess I had more male hormone in me).
8. I love most four legged animals (creepy crawler don't count) especially tigers. Too bad I can't keep it as a pet.

The first person that I would forward this award to is my niece. She has a very lovely food blog. Love all the sumptuous food photos she took. She really did try those recipes before she post it in her blog. She even went and bought some nice plates and stuffs just for those photo shots.

I would like to forward it to:
1.TracieMoo ( http://bittersweetflavours.blogspot.com/) - my niece
2. Brandi (http://2setsoftwinsforme.blogspot.com/)
3. Kim (http://stuffcouldalwaysbeworse.blogspot.com/)
4. WaterMark (http://corneliusllw.blogspot.com/)
5. Busy Momma Bee (http://www.busymommabee.blogspot.com/)

January 24, 2010

Where did babies come from?

This is one question that most parents try to avoid or hope, that day never come. Unfortunately, mine came one fine night. My two sons were getting ready for bed. My youngest was only around 6 and the oldest 9 years old then. I would normally hang around their room to chat for a while before they sleep.

My youngest, for ever the more curious one, till now, pop the question. So I thought if I could throw in some scientific jargon when explaining, it would be less embarrassing. So I went and took the encyclopedia and show them how the sperms and the ovum look like. I also explain to them that when a sperm manage to penetrate into an ovum, it would start to form our body parts slowly, bit by bit.

I also manage to fascinate them with stories of how they move when then are in my womb. How I get to see them develop from a tiny seed into a handsome foetus. Hoping by now, they are satisfied with my great stories, especially if it has something to do about them. I was so wrong.

Before I could say good night, my youngest pop the most important question of them all. How did the sperm actually gets into a female body to reach the ovum? Boy, looks like my plan didn't work. As I was still thinking what to say next, my eldest said "Gosh! Do we need to go into details? This could be embarrassing."

Guess he save my day, sorry night. I immediately wish them good night and leave the room. As I leave, I could hear the youngest still asking his brother about it. He just shut him off and said, he will learn about it in school, in Science class in few years time.

Wow, that was close. Anyway they never ask again. So how did you explain to your child or plan to explain? Hope you have a better plan than mine. My 2 sons are in their teenage years now. I remember how I always have to cook up an answer when my curious sons ask dunnest question during their younger days. Just something for you to think about and thanks for reading.

January 20, 2010

Appetizer tofu

This is a cold dish, an appetizer. I normally use those tofu that comes in boxes. Normally we need to store those tofu in the fridge. If you like it cold, pour the sauce on the cold tofu (straight from the fridge) and serve or place in room temperature for about an hour or so before you add the sauce and serve.

(the quantity is just a guide, some prefer more wine etc)

3 table spoons of brown sugar
3 table spoons of sesame sauce (comes in bottle)
about 1 table spoon of Japanese vinegar (I used apple cider instead)
about 1 table spoon of light soya sauce
some sesame oil
a dash of wine or any liquor (optional) (I didn't use any)

Use a spoon and mix all the above. Mix it well and make sure no lumps. Taste it first, see if you would prefer more wine or sugar etc. Once you got the right taste, leave it aside. Cut tofu into small cubes. Drain all excess water that sips out from the tofu. That is why you would have to cut the tofu and let it sit there for awhile. Let those water sip out from the tofu.

Pour the sauce on the tofu. Cut some seaweed (those that children eat as snacks) into tiny stripes. Place it on top as decoration. You could also chop some spring onions and decorate it on top of the tofu or you can also replace it with fried garlic / shallot (till crispy).

I learned this from t.v and the chef did mentioned that in most Japanese restaurant, they do serve it like this. Try and see if you like it. My sons don't like it so much. My sister said it is nice. Happy trying and thanks for reading.

January 18, 2010


Every time he says he loves me, deep down inside I knew he loves his mom more. We are from different culture, race and religion but we are happy together. It is not fair that he still keep me as a secret from his mom when my mom get to meet him and don't mind, us dating.That fine day as we were holding hands, walking in the mall, we bump into his relative. The next day, he told me his mom was not happy about us and we should stop seeing each other. I regret that I didn't listen to my hunch and went in too deep leaving me in this aggravating pain now.


Do you like my six sentences (6S). My new style of writing. I came to know about it from Zesty Nachos ( http://zestynachos.blogspot.com ). I signed up as a member and submitted the above. The site is sixsentences.blogspot.com . I just want to try my hands on writing stories with just six sentences. Hope I manage to get the message across. I will try a longer 6S in the future. Thanks for reading and hope you like it.

January 15, 2010


My sister-in-law gave us this pot of pomelo. The first time we took it home, I thought that if we keep it in a pot it might not bloom. Instead the very next week, it was full of flowers. The following week the flower starts to drop and I notice few fruits on the tree. Only one made it. The rest will drop off. Well the first fruit was half the size of a normal pomelo. After a few months later, it bloom again. This time the fruit grew, max, to the size of a tennis ball. Both fruits are very sweet but too small. It must be of good breed.

I don't have much land to plant it on the ground. Anyway it didn't bloom for a long time now. Does any one of you know how or what should I nourish it with to get a bigger fruit even in a pot? My hubby said just leave it as it is. The fruits are for decoration only, not really for eating.

Hope one day I could give it to someone close. Someone who could plant it on the ground and make it bear lovely nice big juicy fruit and I could go and admire it and eat its fruits when ever I like. Thanks for reading and hope you share my passion of gardening.

January 10, 2010

What "ball" are you.

I got this from a show. It says that when a girl is in her twenties, she is like a football. So many people running after one ball. When she is in her thirties, she is like a basketball. Now less people running after one ball. Once she is above forty, she is like a tennis ball. You can have her. No, you can have her. The ball being pass between the two.

I was watching The Oprah Show the other day. She was introducing Steve Harvey's book called "Act like a Lady, Think like a Man." The book was about what women should know about men, how they think, how women should react etc. This should be the book for all those who are still single out there.

I used to think that there is always that someone for everyone out there. Among my relatives and friends, there are about 6 females age between 40 to 60 who is still single. No offense gals, I am just curious as to what really happen. Have they ever dated? Too choosy? Set their standard too high? Too successful therefore too intimidating for men?

Sometime I do wonder, if now, in my 40's, I am still single, would I be desperate like some of those mentioned in the show? Guess I am among those lucky few who found my soul mate so early. I got married in my mid twenties. Still happily married with two lovely teenage sons. Exactly what I wish for when I was in my teens. I am really really grateful that my fairy tale did end with "and they live happily ever after."

Just got me thinking after watching the show and felt that I would want to share my thoughts with you. Thanks for reading.

January 6, 2010

Send Me A Cheque

"Dear Mom and Dad," college student Swee Ling wrote back from the States to his family. "I have not heard from you in a month. Please send me a cheque so I'll know you are all getting on well."


Frustrated Father

From a frustrated father: When I was a youngster, I was disciplined by being sent to my room without dinner. But today my son has in his room a small refrigerator, a colour TV, a CD player, a PC, a handphone and a radio. So where should I send him? Well, I decided to send him to my room!

Just for laugh! Hope you like it and thanks for reading.

January 2, 2010

New Look

Happy New Year to all. Hope you like my new look, new style, new post etc that will be coming your way soon. It is going to be a great fun year ahead. I would like to start this year by forwarding my awards to:

http://www.kimnfam.com/ ( A Parents's Life to Behold, Through the eyes of Insanity Bliss)
http://busymommabee.blogspot.com/ (Busy Momma Bee)
http://afhousewife.blogspot.com/ ( Confessions of a Housewife )
http://shadesofgreenneo.blogspot.com ( Shades of Green )
http://zestynachos.blogspot.com/ ( Zesty Nachos )

I really enjoy reading their blog. Hope I get to forward more awards to others too. This is it for now and don't forget to come back for more new fun interesting post soon. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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