January 28, 2010

Another Award

I thank "Buttery"Fly ( http://mybutteryfly.blogspot.com/ ) for forwarding this award to me. She had been a faithful fan. I am really glad and thankful that you find my blog "Beautiful". I will try my level best to further beautify my blog this year. Hope I won't let you down.

The Golden Rule for receiving this award is I have to say 7 things that not many people know about me. Here goes:

1. I am a Malaysian Chinese
2. I am a Buddhist.
3. I am obsessed with solving "Kakuro", "Sudoku" and the Rubik Cube.
4. I prefer reading a book than watching movies.
5. I prefer hilarious, funny comedy movies than horror ones.
6. Hate wearing high heels because I can't walk properly in them. The only time I wore heels was on my wedding day and I told my hubby to make very sure he is at my side when I walk, because I know I will fall if I don't hold someone. ( I am quite a clumsy gal you know)
7. I also hate applying make-up, especially lipstick. I can't eat with it on my lips. I had a full make-up on my face only on my wedding day. When I attend dinner function, party etc, I never wear lipstick at all. (I guess I had more male hormone in me).
8. I love most four legged animals (creepy crawler don't count) especially tigers. Too bad I can't keep it as a pet.

The first person that I would forward this award to is my niece. She has a very lovely food blog. Love all the sumptuous food photos she took. She really did try those recipes before she post it in her blog. She even went and bought some nice plates and stuffs just for those photo shots.

I would like to forward it to:
1.TracieMoo ( http://bittersweetflavours.blogspot.com/) - my niece
2. Brandi (http://2setsoftwinsforme.blogspot.com/)
3. Kim (http://stuffcouldalwaysbeworse.blogspot.com/)
4. WaterMark (http://corneliusllw.blogspot.com/)
5. Busy Momma Bee (http://www.busymommabee.blogspot.com/)


tracieMoo said...

Wow, Thankyou so much, auntie nat!
Such a pretty award :)
Yes I bought the plates for the photoshots.. :P haha.. Thanks for being the white mice and all the support!

"BUTTERY"fly said...

Oh so..you're a guinea pig of the niece. haha I will check her out too.

I've just realized, we are opposite on many things, but I do love Sudoku -- I had once been addicted to that.
And I also love reading books.

For the shoes -- I could sleep in heels..And only, if there's foot cancer, I would have been diagnosed long time ago. haha

Cool to have read more about you.


Mr. Stupid said...

Congrats on the award. You deserve it. Congrats to everyone else too.

Have a great weekend...:)

Stuff could always be worse said...

Thank you so much, and you deserve the award also

Aries said...

Thanks, any way nice things like this should be shared.

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