August 12, 2013

Time Flies So Fast

Is it just me or the second half of the year pass faster than the first half. So happen these two weeks my eldest son is on exam study break, my younger son on school semester break and then there is the Muslim Hari Raya public holidays for two days, it feels like quite a long holiday with everyone at home. Even birthdays are lining up in the second half of the year starting from July.

Anyway the second half of the year is when most are planning their year end vacations. Before that, sons will be preparing for year end final exams and when they start to do revision, books will be found laying around the house. Boys. Or is it just my boys. After that it will be major spring cleaning. Actually house cleaning is like an every day event, never ending. The only day that it would be neat is the one two days after spring cleaning. After that stuffs began to accumulate.

Well, it is better to be busy than to be too free and had nothing to do. Still grateful that I have a small family with a large extended family members that we always keep in touch and always planning for something from time to time, like short vacations together or potluck and not to mention birthdays and other special days and celebration. Makes life so interesting.

Thanks for reading and hope you have an interesting and fun second half of the year. Till the next post, wish you a great day.

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