December 4, 2013

Thank you

Grateful that I had a chance to create a blog. Love writing but now found another space that I could express my writing and opinion and get instant feedback, comments and likes. Just hope all these writing will eventually lead to my dream. Fingers cross. I still update my gratitude blog on a daily basis. Purpose is to remind me that everyday I have something to be grateful about. Thanks to those who had read my blog. Not sure when I will post again. Good day to all.

November 11, 2013

Cat's Playground

These stray cats had just turn my backyard into their playground. The mummy cat look exactly like my previous stray cat named "Rusty" except smaller in size. The mummy cat was pregnant twice before this but I never get to see the kittens. Now this batch of kittens was her 3rd pregnancy and she gave birth in my neighbor's backyard between those empty pots. Since I am the one who always feed her, now the whole family comes for food. The cat with black spot could be the dad as some of the kitten had a bit of black patch.

I, too, like my neighbors, have a lot of pots and stuffs in the backyard and these kittens treat it like their playground. Lovely to watch them play while I wash dishes or cook in the kitchen. Those kittens had got so strong now, could leap over the drain etc and could run in great speed. I don't mind feeding them. Lovely watching them grow in my backyard.

Now a days when I go shopping, I look for dogs treats and cat food besides my list of things to buy. Gone were the days when I shop for baby stuffs. My sons shop for their own clothes etc. Don't need me to do that for them any more.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great week ahead.

November 7, 2013

New Hobby

Got myself a new hobby. Started chatting with other mummies via a group setup in facebook. Grateful that the internet allow us to communicate with others so easily and when one needs help, the group is more than willing to provide all the necessary information. Most importantly most of them are from Malaysia, so those places or stuff that they mentioned is within reach. Learned a lot of new stuff from this group and I manage to share a few of my own parenting skills too.

A great thing for me as I prefer to stay at home and don't really like to go out so often. At least I get to chat with such a big group from all over and all walks of life. I am not sure why but I love to write more than I talk. So chatting via the net is best for me.

So soon the year is coming to an end and time to plan vacations etc as for us here, school holidays starts in mid of November until January. Happy holidays to all and happy blogging too.

October 17, 2013

A Tale Of A Dargon

At last the dragon fruit that hubby's friend gave him, about ten years ago, now bearing fruit, for the first time. It did bloom once before this but the flower dried up and drop off at bud stage. This time we get to watch it grow and taste the fruit. So precious, like watching my child grow. Hubby requested that I should snap a photo of it daily, to monitor. I just took photo of it when I see changes.

I didn't even get to see the flower at full bloom. The flower open up for just a few hours. Hubby saw the full bloom very early in the morning, on his way to work. By the time I water the plants later in the morning, the flower had shut close. Anyway, grateful that it bear fruits. Since we planted it in a pot, we had never change pot or add soil / fertilizer etc. Not easy to handle cactus with thorns every where.

It is worth the wait as the fruit is so sweet. Too bad there is only one fruit. Hope there will be more in the near future after it start bearing fruit. Thanks for reading and hope your plants grow well. Happy gardening.

October 3, 2013

A New Tom Cat

There aren't many stray cats that hang around my backyard now a days except for Rusty and a female cat that look exactly like Rusty but smaller in size. We named her Princess. Recently this tom cat kept stalking Princess and he noticed that when Princess meow and I am around, I would give her some cat food.

Normally when he is around he have this particular loud meow like those male cats trying to impress a female cat during mating season but the minute he saw me, his meow sound changed immediately to a gentle baby meow begging for food. It always made me laugh every time when he change his meow sound. He sure learn fast how to impress me. Love his fur, nice spot just like the leopard.

I used to tell my sons that I adore animals like tiger, lion and leopard. Since there is no way I could get one as a pet, the law of attraction sent me a cat that look like this. It will do just fine for me. Thank you.

Thanks for reading and hope you love animals as much as I do.

September 18, 2013

A Day At Padi Field And Seaside

Last weekend the whole family, including in-laws, nieces and nephews, went on a day trip to the outskirt of Selangor. We folks who live in town like Kuala Lumpur rarely get to see how the farmers and fishermen live. The children, or I should say the teenagers love it. All my nieces and nephews are already in their teens or older. At least a day away from tall buildings and traffic.

The first two photo is the photo of padi field. A really huge place, miles and miles with padi. We should have visit the place a few months later, as you can see the padi now is still young and look just like any grass. When they are ripe and almost ready to harvest, it is much taller and look lovely with rice hanging at the end.

This place is quite near the sea too. We ate at the fishing village. In the late afternoon we spent some time at the beach. Look at the tree house in the third photo, they had a few there by the seaside.

Quite a tiring day but lovely to go out with the whole big family. Once in a while it is good to get away from town.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great week.

September 3, 2013

My Dragon Fruit

At last the dragon fruit plant that a friend gave many years ago is blooming. It did flower once, a few months back but it dropped in just two weeks. Hope this one last. As per the friend, the flesh of this plant is red instead of white. That we have to wait and see. Finger cross and hope we get to eat it.

The rainy season is here again. It rained almost everyday. The first time when I noticed the flower it was raining too and I told hubby maybe we should put an umbrella above the flower to protect it. Just kidding. We had waited for so many years to see the first flower, taste the first fruit. precious. That is the fun part about gardening, like bringing up a child.

Happy blogging and happy gardening to those who love to get their hands dirty and patience enough to wait for the outcome.

August 12, 2013

Time Flies So Fast

Is it just me or the second half of the year pass faster than the first half. So happen these two weeks my eldest son is on exam study break, my younger son on school semester break and then there is the Muslim Hari Raya public holidays for two days, it feels like quite a long holiday with everyone at home. Even birthdays are lining up in the second half of the year starting from July.

Anyway the second half of the year is when most are planning their year end vacations. Before that, sons will be preparing for year end final exams and when they start to do revision, books will be found laying around the house. Boys. Or is it just my boys. After that it will be major spring cleaning. Actually house cleaning is like an every day event, never ending. The only day that it would be neat is the one two days after spring cleaning. After that stuffs began to accumulate.

Well, it is better to be busy than to be too free and had nothing to do. Still grateful that I have a small family with a large extended family members that we always keep in touch and always planning for something from time to time, like short vacations together or potluck and not to mention birthdays and other special days and celebration. Makes life so interesting.

Thanks for reading and hope you have an interesting and fun second half of the year. Till the next post, wish you a great day.

July 28, 2013

He Really Do Understand

Once I adopted a puppy, named him Muffin, I started to learn how to train him via you-tube. He knows how to "sit", "down", "go potty" at the right place, "high five", "hand shake" and sometime "turn around". Still teaching him new tricks. After a few months of training, without realizing, I kinda start teaching him like teaching a child. Everything he eats or see I started telling him the name of it.

One day, I realize I am talking to my dog like talking to a child. Think again and found it to be quite silly. What am I doing? What was I thinking? Does he really understands me? Can we really communicate like this? For your information, Muffin is my first pet dog. When I was young, my mum never allow pets. Not sure why.

To my surprise Muffin really do understand and is a fast learner too. Anytime I mentioned the rabbit, he would look at the rabbit's cage. When I say "go see bird" he would look up the sky and the electric cable above as birds love to sit and chat on that line. When I put a carrot by the side of his toy and said "fetch carrot" he got it right. He knows so many words now a days. So proud of him.

He sleeps outside and only allowed inside the house once in a while. Once he is in, he refuse to go out. I would used dog treats to lure him out but he would only follow up to the glass door and refuse to go out even if I throw his favorite treat out. We would have to drag him out. One day I outsmarted him. He came into the house, after awhile I asked him to go out. He refuse as normal. I took a dog treat hold it out so that he can see and said "I am going to give this to the rabbit" he follow me to the sliding glass door like usual and the minute he sees me trying to feed the rabbit with his favorite treat, he ran out to snatch it from me. When he is busy munching, I just walk back into the house and lock him out.

Having a dog really is like having a young child at home. Always have doubt if they understand us at all but they actually do. Since I see him most of the time, he trust me more than any member of the family. If hubby were to lock him in the cage because he need to wash the floor or car etc and later forgot about it and come into the house, Muffin would just sleep. But the minute he hears my voice, he would cry in a pitiful way like crying out for me to go rescue him. He sure knows who to bully.

Anyway, I am glad I adopted him. Really make my life more interesting and I had learned a lot about dogs too. Thanks for reading. Hope your pet is as fun and loving as mine. Happy parenting your pets.

July 16, 2013

To Tell Or Not To Tell

Sometime ago, I noticed a relative's daughter getting very close with a guy. So I asked the mum if her girl is dating and she look surprise to find out. My hubby however, told me to keep such finding to myself and let the mum find out herself. What if one day I were to bump into someone's husband holding another girl's hand, should I tell? What if I found out someone's son skipped school without the parents knowing, should I tell? If I saw a neighbor's teenage son shoplifting, should I tell?

Should I wait for their parents, who happens to be someone I know, find out themselves? Or should I tell? Will they believe me? I remembered on The Oprah Show once, a lady said her teenage son admired a girl and tried to kiss her one day. After that day the girl kept inviting her son to meet up and even said she can masturbate etc for him. The boy got scared and told his mum. The lady later told the girl's mum. She got so angry. She didn't believe her, in fact accused her of lying. From that day onward they never spoke again.

Sometime I wonder, to what extend or how severe before deciding to tell. Would you tell? As a mum I would like others to inform me if such thing arise. I always tell my sons that no matter what, good or bad I want to hear from them and would be very upset if I get to hear it from a third party.

Thanks for reading. Just something that got me thinking. Happy blogging to you.

July 2, 2013

Rat And Bird Tale

Few weeks back, as I was washing dishes by the sink, which has a window that look out to the backward. Every now and then I would see a mouse ran pass. Like any mouse, it would dash from one hiding place to another until it reaches it's destination. At that particular moment, I saw a mouse standing right behind my opposite neighbor's stair case, waiting to dash across to the other side.

Just a few feet away, a pigeon was standing there pecking the ground looking for food, in the open. I could see the mouse is in such a hurry, it dashed to the open in great speed and suddenly realize the pigeon standing in it's way and is double it's size. He ran too fast that when the mouse braked to stop, it skidded and hit the pigeon. Both fell and the mouse dash back to where it came from.

The pigeon, however, just stood up and continue what ever it is doing. I could see the mouse back at the stair case, whole body moving up and down in heavy breathing. It is hilarious, for me. I never imagine I would witnessed something like this. Normally stunts like these I only get from cartoon network, but this is real. Just like when Tom chasing Jerry around the house.

Since everything happened so fast, I have no time to video taped it. Guess I would have to write it down so that in the future I will have one more exciting tale to tell my grandchildren. Thanks for reading. Share if you have tales like this, too.

June 18, 2013

So Happen

I broke off with my boyfriend. My sister started going out with a new group of friends and invited me to join them because she finds them fun to be with and I would surely enjoy myself. I did. We would go to movies, hang out after work, play games together and go on trips together too. So happen hubby is one of them.

That is how hubby and I got to know each other and end up being husband and wife. Few years later I had two sons. So happen that was my wish all along. To have only two sons because I don't think I can handle a daughter.

After few years of working, I thought I should get a cheap house that is within my budget, as investment. The very same year, so happen, my mum told me she saw an advertisement about some new cheap houses for sale. She suggested why not we buy one each, next to each other so later we could move in and become neighbors. We did.

After a year or so, found the place to be quite dead. Not many willing to stay there but we still manage to rent it out at a very low rate. It is too far from every where so we didn't moved in either. I am not making any profit from it and decided to sell it but can't find buyers. So happen the tenant that was renting the place would like to buy from me. I was delighted even though not making profit, I decided to sell. Few years later only we manage to sell my mum's house.

Later I decided to resign and find something to do at home that can earn me some money and at the same time able to take care of my sons. So happen at that time my sister-in-law was giving tuition to school children at her house. I thought to myself, hey, I could do that too. So I did, till today.

Few years back my eldest son went to college and he drives there. Hubby, too, drove to the train station to take the train to work. That will leaves me with no car to fetch my younger son who is still in secondary school. But before all these starts to take place, so happen a friend asked if we could send his son to school in the morning and she will fetch my son from school. Both her son and mine goes to the same school. We did. So morning hubby would send both of them to school before going to work and this lady will send my son home after school.

I wanted to feed stray cats and thought that I could only do that if I frequent lanes behind shops etc. So happen stray cats starts to pass by my house and I started feeding them and they came back for more and now I don't even need to leave the house to do that.

I am grateful with my so many "so happen" incidents. It is either the law of attraction is working very well and I am really tuned in or it is my karma or perhaps my guarding angel is taking very good care of me. What ever the case may be, I hope and wish for more "so happen" in the future.

Thanks for reading and may many good "so happen" happens to you too.

June 10, 2013

My Art

At last, I manage to complete my so call art work. Took me a few months to complete. Isn't it lovely. I am actually quite bad in art (almost fail art in school) but with this P.I.Y (paint it yourself a.k.a paint by number) it makes it so easy and turn out to be lovely, like it was painted by professionals.

I should do this more often. There are so many to choose from. Kinda got addicted to it but when I look at the size of the canvas and my walls, I don't think I have that many walls to occupy this new hobby. When I was in my teens, I love cross-stitch and had made quite a number of it. Already occupying most of the walls in my house. Now this. I would have to find a hobby that do not need so much space. Does Candy Crush count as a hobby?

Yes, I know I could actually paint it and give it away as gifts but then since it took up so much of my time and effort, I don't think I have the heart to give it away. Actually all those cross-stitch that I had framed up, is still with me. Can't bring myself to give any of it away. Well, if I were to give it away, I have to give it to someone who appreciate it and not chuck it in a corner to collect dust. It is like giving away a pet, have to find an owner who will take good care of it.

That is all for now. With this hobby out of the way as for now, I should be able to blog more, I think. Thanks for reading and happy blogging or painting or parenting to you.

May 22, 2013

Caught Snooping Aroung

Oh my. Muffin caught snooping around. This is what he does when the neighbor's seven years old son is around. There was once, my neighbor was punishing her only son and he was crying very loudly, my Muffin put his head next door to find out what happen.

Muffin is still a baby himself. We adopted him from a rescue center and took him home last year on second of June. The time when we took him home he was about a month old, but we decided to take second of June as his birthday. Oh, come to think of it, it is just a few days away.

Happy Birthday Muffin! Anyway I buy him treats and toys every now and then so even if I get him something on his birthday, it won't make it any special. Hubby said I am spoiling him. I think I am. He is three times his size now compare to when we took him home but still act like a baby, sorry, puppy.

Thanks for reading. Happy parenting your pet, if you have any.

May 13, 2013

Money The Culprit

After reading the book "The Host", I wonder if our world could have any chance to be like that, minus the aliens hosting. There will be no such thing as money. What ever you need, just pop in the nearest supermarket and take as much as you can carry. Getting a job means doing something you like, no need to work for money. No such thing as poverty, corruption or maybe even jealousy, no elections, stealing, frauds or lying. Everyone lives a happy life, have enough to eat, never to worry about supplies of food, fuel etc. Any injuries with just a spray of that special chemical, all wounds heal in seconds, no infection, diseases etc. Would life be happier that way?

Sometime I wonder, during the cavemen stage, do they trade foods etc with others or each individual hunt for themselves only? Like what was written in the history books, mankind starts with the barter system before money was invented. I was thinking that what if that first few mankind that started growing their own food stuff, they start sharing their food instead of trading it for stuffs that they need, money will not be invented. We might even be living like the story in "The Host". We mankind sure are stingy and greedy, if not we wouldn't have thought of exchanging our goods for other stuffs that we need which leads to the invention of currency. If only our ancestor were willing to share, for example, if a man raises goats for milk and meat, willing to share his goat meats and milk to anyone who wanted some and he could also get what ever supply he needs from another man by just asking, we all might end up living in a better world, like in "The Host".

Well we can't actually blame money alone that causes all the problems we are all facing in the world now. It also boils down to mankind. If only man stops being greedy, stingy, lying, crazy for status and wealth and fame to some, we definitely will be living in a better world, with or without money.

Thanks for reading. Just something that got me thinking for a while. Happy parents days to all parents out there.

May 6, 2013

Malaysia Election

Oh my, almost the whole nation is unhappy about the results. Those days we could only rely on media but now almost everyone carries a hand phone that can capture pictures and videos. So, lots of unfairness had been recorded by the public and posted on facebook. Some of my friend had even turn racist. I wonder when all these will resolved. I want back those peaceful no worry days.

Just hope for the best. Thanks for reading. Hope I get back my mood to blog more and blog hop more often soon. Anyway, by now, all those videos are on you-tube etc, even in CNN and most foreign news.

April 30, 2013

General Election

Our general election falls on this Sunday. Hope everything goes well. Never like to talk or blog about politics but those reports I get from the papers, radio and the internet are quite worrying. Just hope who ever wins, on Monday onward, life goes on as normal and not so much of picketing, protesting etc.

Well, it is just few days away. This is worst than waiting for my major exam results. Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great week ahead.

April 22, 2013

Grow At A Least Expected Place

Recently I discovered this tiny plant, as I was mopping the floor. If not mistaken, the seed that is still attached to it belongs to a lemon or an orange. This is the least fertile place with no soil and the least to get sun light too. It is below my kitchen sink next to the kitchen door. Such a tiny hole and so happen a seed fell right into it and grew into a plant. Amazing isn't it?

I was a bit upset when I found this because several weeks prior to this, I bought two packets of Sunflower seeds. Told hubby that we never had sunflower before and wish to have a row of it. I saw some of the neighbors did that and it was lovely. I had never lay eyes on sunflower before, not sure why, but now kind of love to have some of it in the garden.

When I open the packet of seeds, oh my, there's only nine seeds in it. So we planted some on the ground, in a row and some in a pot in the shade. Waited and waited only one tiny plant appear, the one in the pot. After it grew to about two inches high, hubby put the whole pot out under the sun. Due to the terrible weather these days, which is extremely hot during the day and heavy down pour on certain nights, the tiny plant wilt few days later. I must have lost my pair of green hands.

Maybe because of my impatience, I kept peeking at them everyday, and nothing seems to happen until that miserable seed turn into a tiny plant, gave me something to look forward to everyday and as if it was the only hope, and later watch it wilt. Quite bitter actually. To make matter worst, found this healthy tiny plant at a least expected place. Like rubbing salt to my wound.

Anyway hubby bought another two packets of seed again but I still haven't bring myself to plant it yet. Wanted to get those big, already healthy adult sunflower but most places only have one pot, some even none. Guess I have to wait till some festivals like Chinese New Year or Christmas before the shops etc starts selling more variety of potted plants.

Until then, guess I would just have to try planting with seeds again. Thanks for reading and happy gardening to you too.

April 14, 2013

Felt Like A Teenager Again

I visited my sister and her children last week. My niece and nephew showed me their painting, on canvas, it was beautiful. I didn't know they could paint like that, then later I was told it was a PIY (paint it yourself) kit that they bought. They showed me the kit and I fell in love with it instantly. Yesterday while shopping at the mall, I came across the same kit, I couldn't resist and bought a set. My younger son who had more of my gene then his dad, demanded for another set for himself. So, now a days we have a new hobby, painting, on canvas, like a professional, except that our canvas had lines and numbers on it. If we follow instructions carefully, the finished painting will look like the real one done by professionals.

As I was painting this morning, I realize my life now in my mid forties are so carefree like when I was a teenager, except those days I didn't earn my own money or have a dog. Most of the time now a days, I get to eat what I crave, does the things I love doing like reading novels, painting (does cross-stitch those days), play with my dog, get to watch movies that I like and have ample time to do all of it, and it feels great. Looks like life in the forties isn't that bad after all. Really thankful.

My two teenage sons are old enough to take care of themselves now. Guess it is time to revert back to my "when I was single" days, goes shopping with my sister till we drop, try out restaurant, see places etc. Like a pay back time because during my mid twenties to late thirties, I was busy making money, get a career, climb the corporate ladder, have kids, raise children etc so busy and hectic that I don't even have time to smell the flowers or know my neighbors.

I am very fortunate and grateful that I made the right decision ten years ago, no regrets at all. Ten years ago I quit my job to be a stay home mom and at the same time became a tuition teacher to kids around my neighborhood for a fee, during my spare time. I am still teaching till today. Thanks to hubby too who supported me decision. It wasn't easy persuading him at first, to allow me to quit my job. After much persistence, he gave in and said ok to give it a try. Looks like everything did go according to my plan.

Thank you for reading. Hope life is treating you well. Whatever you are doing, please make time to please yourself, you deserve it.

March 31, 2013

An Unexpected Gift

End of March and beginning of April are the few weeks where Chinese pay their respect to their deceased family members. As usual, my side of the family, I only have one sister. So every year, she and I will planned a date to pay our respect to our late father and both grandmothers of both side, which were all buried at the same place. They were all cremated and put in urns and place in units space (like pigeon holes to me) in a pagoda. We were both free last weekend, so we went last Saturday.

As usual, hubby would send me and sons there. We all helped set up those offerings of food, fruits, drinks and a boxes of goodies, or should I say necessities that we need to burn in order to be send to them over the other side. As I and my sister were busy doing all these offerings, hubby went missing. By the time we were done, we went to our car and waited for him.

When he reach the car, I asked where he had went, he said to the office and bought a twin unit inside the new pagoda, a new building just completed next to the existing pagoda. I was speechless. This is something I was never prepared for. Rarely talks about stuffs like these too. Asked if it was for his parents for future used, he smiled and look at me and said, "No, it is for us". Before the conversation could go on, I have to go with my sister to my mom's place in her car as hubby need to go some where else and later at night they had made dinner reservation somewhere far, a new restaurant that they wanted to try out. Hubby joined us at dinner.

We reach home quite late that night and tired too after a whole day. All of us went to bed and I had almost forgotten about the special gift. Next morning, after breakfast, hubby took out the receipt and said "Looks like you will be stuck with me eternally, even after life, you will still have to stay next to me. Now where should I file these receipts?" Another speechless moment for me. A bit puzzled as I have some mix feelings inside me, one hand I was not that happy because I am only in my mid forties and he in his early fifties. On the other hand, those words he had just said, sounded quite sweet though. So in the end I just said "Thank you dear, I think you should filed it here" and passed a file to him.

I guess this was my most awkward moment ever in my life. Anyway, what was done was done, no point arguing or disagreeing. What ever will be will be. Hope that is not a birthday gift for me. My dear sister who went shopping for watches saw a perfect BFF watch and bought a pair, one for me and the other for herself. Both our birthdays falls on April. I have yet to get her a present. Hope hubby would surprise me with a real present. Not sure what got into him and I don't feel right to ask but he did mentioned that those units are selling like hot cakes, finishing fast and it is better to be buried near other relatives. Either some bug bit him or the salesmen there are damn good.

Thanks for reading. How many of you had already purchased a place / home for your, ahem, future?

March 23, 2013

I Got A Cook

Next week school breaks for a week. My youngest son is always craving for all sorts of western food. Gotta blame that on Asian Food Channel and youtubes that shows so many irrisistable food. So he told me he got tired of eating my food and since it is school holidays, he said he will cook next week for a week.

We went shopping just now for ingredients. He said he is going to cook seafood pasta, lasagna, bake brownies too etc. All in differents days of course. Ask if he knows what he is suppose to do, he showed me the youtube and said most of the ingredients we already have at home and if he follows step by step, nothing could go wrong.

I am not too worry if the dish turns out tasty or not. I am more worried about my kitchen and the mess afterwards. Hubby sometimes have the urge to cook too after watching some cook show. Which he eventually did cook but really mess up my kitchen.

So everytime when sons or hubby volunteer to cook, I am not sure to feel happy or scare. Lets hope everything went well next week. Anyway, when I was cooking and sometime sons volunteer to help and ask all sorts of questions about the dish, I jokingly told them that they should learn to cook because one day when their wife are too angry or busy to cook, at least they could cook for themselves and don't have to starve. Guess partly my fault too.

Thanks for reading. Happy blogging and parenting to you.

March 14, 2013

Sign Of Aging

Age is creeping up without me realizing. Sitting too long causes back ache. Looking at the p.c or t.v too long (which is not too long to me) eyes need a rest. That's why I hardly go to the cinemas now-a-days. The big screen that changes too fast and those extreme sound effects sometime makes me uncomfortable and a bit dizzy. Not too mention rides at theme parks. So movies are always at home now.

Most afternoon after lunch I need a short nap cause I would be extremely drowsy that hour. Can't have marathon shopping like those days as I get tired faster than before. Hmm my body ain't as young as I thought it was. When did that happen?

I need to exercise everyday now, be it stretching exercise or some light weight lifting or yoga, if not, body aches and gets tire faster. Guess those aches are actually my body alarm clock reminding me to exercise. Kinda glad that I am not on a nine to five job now or I would be forcing myself to have my eyes open after lunch and the whole day in front of the p.c with loads of meetings to attend and juniors to teach.

As my body start changing and watching my children all grown up and taller than me, I realize I am on the next phase in life. A new chapter. Makes me feel a bit like those single days, as I don't really have to attend to my teenage sons so much. Most of the time they would hang out with friends. So I pay more attention on my pet rabbit and dog.

My facebook and camera used to be filled with my sons photos and stuffs about them. Now mostly about my pets. Like my mum always said, go through life gracefully embracing every phase in life. Hope by the time both sons start working and hubby retired, I and hubby could take up some volunteer work somewhere. Something that I always wanted to do but lack time and sometime transport to do it. Hopefully I get to fulfill this part of my dream before I become a grandma and have to take care of grandchildren and be stuck at home again.

Life is really like a box of chocolate, never really know what to expect until the time comes and things happen. We can plan how we are going to live but sometime it is beyond our expectation. What ever will be will be. I am grateful that my annual health check still shows I am in good health despite the back ache and all.

Thanks for reading and hope life treads you good. Take care of your health and embrace life every moment.

March 6, 2013

Muffin's First Cherry Tomato

Look at my Muffin trying to figure out what to do with a cherry tomato. I actually posted a video but it turn into a photo instead. He was licking it, throw it in the air and let it drop and put it in his mouth and spit it out and playing with it like a marble. Oh so blogspot does not allow posting of video anymore?!?!?!?

Now a days I am busy teaching Muffin tricks. Even on facebook, most pictures and videos that I post lately are about Muffin. Can't blame me. My two sons are in their teens, even most of my nieces and nephews are in their late teens or early twenties. All busy with colleges and schools.

Guess I have gone to the next phase in life. When sons were young, I love teaching them stuffs and watching their reaction and listen to all those funny stuffs that they say. Now words from them sounds so adult, nothing so amusing like when they were toddlers saying and pronouncing certain words for the first time. I also love watching them take solid food for the first time. Their face expression and body movement are so funny.

Now with Muffin, those trills and amusing moments came back. Like having a toddler at home again. My advise to those folks whose children are getting out or are already out of the nest, go get a pet, preferably a dog. Like reliving those moments having young children at home. Provided you like children, if not a dog would be a burden to you.

Thanks for reading and hope a pet can fill that void in you like it did to me. Happy blogging and parenting to your children and pets.

February 26, 2013

Bitter Or Sweet

Someone once told me that all toddlers and young children are adorable. Not all, I would say. I had seen parents who indirectly teach children to bully. I have seen small children snatch toys from others, push others around and their parents just stand there and grin like it is something they should be proud off. These are also the parents who complains that there are bullies at school and didn't realize they themselves are grooming their own children to be one soon.

Bullies weren't born to bully. Someone, somehow, along the the way, indirectly encourage them to bully. A mom once told me that her only daughter were very bossy at school, since kindergarden. She told me this, in front of her girl, and with a proud smile and laugh every now and then as she gives me the details of how her cute little girl boss others around. Indirectly she already encourages her girl to continue doing that.

I know this little girl since birth. I watch her mom slowly but surely transform the sweet little girl into a grumpy, bossy, and not to mentioned nasty little girl that not only other children dislike her, adults hate her too. Wonder why her mom can't see how horrible she turns out to be. If you take a look at her photo album, ninety per cent of the time she put up a grumpy face and hardly smile. She had that "I hate you" look in her eyes in almost all the photos.

I have also witnessed some children who snap at their grandparents, say nasty things and not a word from their own parents to discourage that. In fact they gave their children the approval smile. Oh my. Can't believe that there are parents who find it amusing watching their own children treat their own parents in such a way.

Why can't these folks turn their adorable babies into a sweet little girl or boy that everyone adores. I would prefer my children, even my pets, to be likable by all. Thanks for reading and happy parenting to you.

February 19, 2013

Celebration coming to an end

Oh boy, what a great week. Chinese New Year ends this Sunday, so soon. We celebrate for fifteen days. Anyway school starts this week so there won't be any visitors or visiting until this weekend. After that is the end of ang pau giving and receiving. Time pass really fast when you are enjoying yourself. Children enjoy the money received from the ang pau packets given by relatives and friends parents and adults enjoy the bonding time with relatives that we only get to see once a year. Most distant relatives were busy throughout the year, either busy making money or the elderly busy taking care of their grandchildren. Chinese New Year is the only time we can get to visit each other. Interesting.

Hope I get more time to blog and add more post from next week onward and not to mentioned to go blog hopping too. Thanks for readibg and hope you had a great Chinese New Year and Happy Belated Valentine Day too.

January 30, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I am busy baking and cleaning and decorating. Not to mentioned those packet of "Ang Pau"'s that need to be filled up with money. During Chinese New Year, we give "Ang Pau"'s instead of presents. A small red envelope with money inside. Have to take time to fold the paper currency and slip it inside those small red packets / envelopes one by one and the amount varies as we normally give more to relatives and less to those that we are not so close.

It is the year of the Snake as per the Chinese Astronomy. I still have lots to do. Happy Chinese New Year to all and thanks for reading.

January 22, 2013

My Puppy Had Grown So Much

Look at my Muffin, he had grown so huge but he still prefer to sleep in his old baby kennel every night. He used to be so small then that when I put him in and lock the door, he could still pop his head up the hole above. Now he still squeeze in every night to sleep.

We bought him a huge dog cage. We would lock him in when we have visitors. When there are no one visiting, I let him roam around and leave the cage door ajar. Now a days when I give him carrots, fruits or dog treats, he would eat in the new cage, as if it was his private room to enjoy his treat.

He is not my dog alone, he is also my neighbors dog now. Neighbors children would call out to him and give him a pat on the head when ever they are outside waiting for their school bus etc. Their parents will feed him breads and all sort of treats.

I know my dog is adorable but didn't know he is so irresistible to all young and old.
Actually the whole stretch of houses near my house, I would say, almost half has a dog but neighbors love to play and feed my Muffin only. Not sure if it was Muffin's magnet of attraction or the owner, hahahah. Well at least he is famous and neighbors have no complain about us having him around.

Thanks for reading and hope you have an adorable pet like mine too.

January 16, 2013

House Plant Appreciation Day

Living in the middle of town, we do need some house plant to beautify the home environment. I always envy those who live in an orchard or a farm or even those by the river or forest. Isn't it lovely to wake up every morning with so much green around. Unlike where I am staying, I am surrounded by houses, flats, condos and shop lots. So to me it is important to have plants at home. At least I am still living with a bit of nature.

There is a forest reserve which is about fifteen minutes drive away with a water fall too, but have to drive there and walk quite a distance to be able to see the water fall. Come to think of it, it had been years since my last visit there. I shall pay a visit these days and get some lovely photos of nature to share it here.

As for now, happy gardening and appreciate you house plants. Thanks for reading too.

January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Is it a bit too late to wish? Well it is still January and only the second week. Hope you had a blast on new year's eve.

2012 should be a memorable year for me. So many things happened.

1) It was suppose to be the end of the world.
2) I had my first pet dog.
3) Both my sons major exams turn out with strings of A's.
4) It was my 20th wedding anniversary and we had some family photos taken at the studio by professional photographer and we had a great time there too, posing and doing funny stuffs together.
5) My mum fully recovered from depression and start calling me weekly to chat.
6) Get to go on two separate vacations with both side of the family and lots of family time together. Does things together and had a great time.
7) Elder son learned to drive and had been driving for a year now and don't need me to send him to places anymore. He would even drive his younger brother to places and I just sit at home and relax.
8) Had another photo session at the studio with mum and sister's family. Had a great time there and the photos turn out great.

I am grateful and thankful that all the above happened. I would say overall it was a great year and hope 2013 would be even greater. Hope you had a wonderful 2012 that brings back lots of lovely memories and a very great year in 2013. Thanks for reading.
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