March 14, 2013

Sign Of Aging

Age is creeping up without me realizing. Sitting too long causes back ache. Looking at the p.c or t.v too long (which is not too long to me) eyes need a rest. That's why I hardly go to the cinemas now-a-days. The big screen that changes too fast and those extreme sound effects sometime makes me uncomfortable and a bit dizzy. Not too mention rides at theme parks. So movies are always at home now.

Most afternoon after lunch I need a short nap cause I would be extremely drowsy that hour. Can't have marathon shopping like those days as I get tired faster than before. Hmm my body ain't as young as I thought it was. When did that happen?

I need to exercise everyday now, be it stretching exercise or some light weight lifting or yoga, if not, body aches and gets tire faster. Guess those aches are actually my body alarm clock reminding me to exercise. Kinda glad that I am not on a nine to five job now or I would be forcing myself to have my eyes open after lunch and the whole day in front of the p.c with loads of meetings to attend and juniors to teach.

As my body start changing and watching my children all grown up and taller than me, I realize I am on the next phase in life. A new chapter. Makes me feel a bit like those single days, as I don't really have to attend to my teenage sons so much. Most of the time they would hang out with friends. So I pay more attention on my pet rabbit and dog.

My facebook and camera used to be filled with my sons photos and stuffs about them. Now mostly about my pets. Like my mum always said, go through life gracefully embracing every phase in life. Hope by the time both sons start working and hubby retired, I and hubby could take up some volunteer work somewhere. Something that I always wanted to do but lack time and sometime transport to do it. Hopefully I get to fulfill this part of my dream before I become a grandma and have to take care of grandchildren and be stuck at home again.

Life is really like a box of chocolate, never really know what to expect until the time comes and things happen. We can plan how we are going to live but sometime it is beyond our expectation. What ever will be will be. I am grateful that my annual health check still shows I am in good health despite the back ache and all.

Thanks for reading and hope life treads you good. Take care of your health and embrace life every moment.


Masshole Mommy said...

HA! Age is getting to me, too. I took a nap yesterday because I was so tired - and I didn't even do anything strenuous. LOL.

Aries said...

Hahahah guess I am not the only one, welcome to the gang

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