September 29, 2010

How I got my sons

After the miscarriage, if you had read my previous post about my first pregnancy, I was pretty upset for the first few months. Kept thinking what was wrong with me. What have I done or didn't do enough or something that I ought to do. In between those few months, I consulted several other doctors and Chinese physicians to find out if I have a healthy womb. I was told, all the time, that I was perfectly healthy and should be able to conceive.

Before I was pregnant with my first, mum came across a lovely cross-stitch kid, a picture of a sweet baby sleeping and was covered with a blanket. She knew I love cross-stitch and got it for me. It took me only about a month to completed it, got it framed and hung it in my supposedly baby room.

After the miscarriage, quite a number of relatives, friends and colleagues came and visited me and one of them saw the picture of the baby in the room and said it could be bad omen. I am not really superstitious but since she mentioned it, at a time of grieve, I began to hate that picture. Every time I pass by that room, the picture upsets me, so I gave it away.

I was told by my gynae to wait at least six months before I try again. By the fourth month, I told myself, these grieves had gotta stop. I have to move on. In order to keep my mind busy I bought myself two more cross-stitch kits. This time, a picture of a cute chubby boy climbing a tree trying to rescue a kitten and another piece, a boy sitting on a swing. Took me only about a month to completed both. Got it framed and this time I hung it in the living room so that every night when I come home from work, I can get to look at it. It makes me happy and feels like there is hope.

You can call it fung shui, good luck charm, fated, law of attraction or even just a mere coincident. I really end up having two lovely sons. They are in their teens now. Maybe because I had been thinking and wanting two boys so badly that it became real and I am thankful and grateful about it.

Moral of the story here is never to give up hope. Keep trying, pray hard, do what you think you should do to get to where you are, and you will eventually get there. Thanks for reading and hope this inspires others. Just don't give up.

September 27, 2010

Pumpkin cook with meat

This is a simple dish. All you need is pumpkin, chicken or pork, had not try with other meat yet, and some garlic. Cut pumpkin into cubes. Cut meat into cubes or in slices. Marinate meat with light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, a bit of corn starch, pepper and a dash of sesame oil.

Heat pan and saute minced garlic. Add meat. Stir fry till all meat are properly cook. Add in pumpkin. Add a bit of water, soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Cook till pumpkin becomes soft. When it is hot, the pumpkin is not so sweet. Once it cools down the pumpkin is sweet. So this is kinda sweet dish.

Thanks for reading and hope you like it. Happy trying.

September 23, 2010

Wedding Ring

As I was blog hopping last week, I came across a post about Diamonds being the wedding ring. The blogger mentioned that why should a wedding ring be a diamond ring. It doesn't really show anything except that he could afford it. It makes me wonder too as to how far back that diamonds were taken as the wedding ring. It is universal, right? Most of the time when someone propose, it is mostly with a diamond ring. It is like other rings are good only as a casual gift, and not during a proposal.

When I and hubby were dating and decided to tie the knot, the first thing that came to my mind was to get a diamond ring. I got one, that is of cause, within hubby's budget. Wouldn't want to get him into debts.

Could it be that diamonds are forever, and it symbolize that the marriage would last forever like diamonds, no doubt that it might not be the case for some. Maybe diamonds were girls best friend, and wouldn't we want our best friend to be at our wedding. I have yet to come across a girl that dislike diamonds.

In a more materialistic manner, when a guy could afford a diamond ring as a wedding ring, doesn't that shows that he is capable of providing for you and your future generation to come. Like those cavemen stories I had heard, a cave women will only stay with the cavemen that is capable of hunting, natural survival skills. However, that would be the old school of thoughts. Now a days there are men who stay home as house husband and the wife be the provider. As long as they both agreed to it and are happy about it.

Well, some would say that it is just a ring, why all the fuss. Not to some. Not all of us get to get married so many times like Elizabeth Taylor, so it is important that we get a diamond ring as a wedding ring. At least we have something dear to hold on to, to remind us of that auspicious day regardless of whether the marriage last or not.

Gals, would you settle for just about any ring or that it has to be diamond? Guys, would you save up to get one for that special occasion or anything will do? What ever it is don't get yourself to be too heavy in debts just for a ring. Thanks for reading and hope you have a nice weekend ahead.

September 20, 2010

Cow jokes

Mad Cow Disease

A man and his wife went to a "SteakHouse" for dinner.
Waiter : What would you like to have?
Husband : I'll take a beef steak.
Waiter : Sir, what about the mad cow....?
Husband : She will order for herself!

Herd of Cows

"Look at that bunch of cows."
"Not bunch! Herd of cows!"
"Heard what?"
"Herd of cows."
"Sure I've heard of cows."
"No! A cow herd."
"Why should I care what a cow heard? I've got no secrets from a cow."


Just for laughs and thanks for reading.

September 16, 2010

Lets learn

Just like one of the Chinese old saying, the more we aged the more we will learn, provided if we are willing to. I believed that every song I heard, every tale I read, every movies I watched, every gossip I was told, there is always something to learn from. Be it long or short, facts or fiction, funny or sad, true or false, we could always learn something. The more we learn the wiser we become and the lesser chance of getting hurt or disappointed. So don't stop learning, keep on listening, carry on reading and don't stop watching. Thanks for reading and hope you learned something from every post you read here like I do when I read yours.

September 13, 2010

Special Hibiscus

My father-in-law got this plant from someone and gave me some. It is a type of hibiscus but the special part about it is that when it bloom, the flower stays like that for few days, day and night. Normal hibiscus, when it bloom, it's flower only open up during the day time and by night, it shut close and will not open again the next day. After a day or two it will drop off.

Most of my neighbors start asking for some. Thanks to me, most of them who loves gardening has one now. We sort of exchange plants once in a while. That's the fun part of gardening. The house opposite mine, operates a hair saloon business at home and occasionally her customer would ask for plants from me too.

Not sure of the plant's actual name but I know it is from the hibiscus family. Well, it doesn't really matter as long as it stays pretty like that in my garden, day and night. The flower is actually quite strong as it can withstand strong winds and storms. So this is the only plant that has something to show off regardless of rain or shine, day or night. Just lovely.

Thanks for reading and hope you admire my flowers like I do.

September 9, 2010

Charity went wrong

Those days, quite a number of sales person and folks from churches, temples etc going from door to door either selling stuffs or asking for donations. Due to the increase in robberies and scams, most people would not entertain these folks now a days.

My grandma loves to donate for charities. We are Buddhist but grandma always says when it comes to charity, she don't mind giving donation to Hindus, Christians etc. As long as her donations are for good. I remembered grandma once told me, there was this sami from a Hindu temple, dress in white dhoti, holding a tray with a miniature statue of a Hindu goddess. He came knocking on our door and grandma answered. Since it was a donation for a temple, she went straight to her room and took out a 50 cent coins and put in on the tray. Those days 50 cents are quite a lot. He look at the 50 cent coin and mumble something in a very harsh tone. Grandma then gave him another 1 Ringgit coin. He gave her an intimidating look and left. Oh my! Big or small it is still charity from her heart, can't he sees that.

Just few months ago, an old lady in her late 50s came knocking on my door. She was well dressed, looks healthy and well fed. She was holding a long umbrella with a small purse. One glance I thought she loss her way and needed directions so I ask who is she looking for. She said she had not been eating for days and need some money for food. I look at her and turn away. Before I go far, I heard her murmured something softly and then she spit (loudly) on my floor. Oh boy! She came back and did the same 2 weeks ago. Guess she forgot that she had visited this neighborhood and no one gave her anything.

Many years ago, another old lady dressed in rags begging at a bus stop near where my family was staying. I was just a toddler then. My grandma and a few neighbors felt pity for her. She obviously told a lovely pitiful story. Everyone chip in and gave her food, cooking oil, some money, old clothes and stuffs. One of the neighbors son, in his early 20s, even took a cab and help this old lady home. Not sure which house she showed him then but few months later this boy saw this old lady, dress in rags still, walk into a bungalow. She walk in like she stays there. She unlock the gate herself etc. He asked around and found out this lady actually lives there. Hmm wonder why?

Another charity story from a friend. This is a funny one. His dad heard someone knocking on his door and found a young boy asking for donation. He said the donations was to build a swimming pool for his school. My friend's dad ask him to wait at the door and he went back inside his house. Few minutes later he came out with a pail of water and gave it to the boy saying this is his contribution for the swimming pool. He is such a joker.

I don't mind charities as long as I know who I am giving it too and for what. Thanks for reading and hope all my readers have a great weekend ahead and Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims readers.

September 6, 2010

Doctor jokes

Stop My Hands From Shaking

"Doctor, Doctor, you've got to help me. I just can't stop my hands shaking"
"Do you drink a lot?"
"Not really. I spill most of it"

Seeing Spots

"Doctor!" complained the patient, "I keep seeing spots before my eyes."
The physician scrated his head. "Why have you come to me? Have you seen the opthalmologist?"
"No," replied the patient. "Just spots."

Stop the drum

Lee : My doctor said if I don't give up playing the drums, I'll be dead before the month is over.
Mia : My goodness! Why is that?
Lee : Because he's my downstairs' neighbor.

Just for laughs, thanks for reading and enjoy.
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