September 20, 2010

Cow jokes

Mad Cow Disease

A man and his wife went to a "SteakHouse" for dinner.
Waiter : What would you like to have?
Husband : I'll take a beef steak.
Waiter : Sir, what about the mad cow....?
Husband : She will order for herself!

Herd of Cows

"Look at that bunch of cows."
"Not bunch! Herd of cows!"
"Heard what?"
"Herd of cows."
"Sure I've heard of cows."
"No! A cow herd."
"Why should I care what a cow heard? I've got no secrets from a cow."


Just for laughs and thanks for reading.


baili said...

very funny thanks for sharing dear
take care god bless

Gautam said...

Lol!!! Once again some real funny ones :)

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