September 16, 2010

Lets learn

Just like one of the Chinese old saying, the more we aged the more we will learn, provided if we are willing to. I believed that every song I heard, every tale I read, every movies I watched, every gossip I was told, there is always something to learn from. Be it long or short, facts or fiction, funny or sad, true or false, we could always learn something. The more we learn the wiser we become and the lesser chance of getting hurt or disappointed. So don't stop learning, keep on listening, carry on reading and don't stop watching. Thanks for reading and hope you learned something from every post you read here like I do when I read yours.


SY said...

my 1 and half year old niece was sent to remind me of the joy of learning. She concentrates when she wants to learn something new and she practices..
she may fall and whine and throw a temper tamper but she always gets up and tries again.. Learns again

Aries said...

Really inspiring, guess the word fail will never be in her vocabulary. good for her.

baili said...

completely agreed dear this proses if we are interested goes with our last breath and makes us real positive person
god bless

Gautam said...

Agree completely.. gaining experiences if thought simply is a very primitive trait but to use all that experience to make things better for ourselves is something that sets us apart from other beings!

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