September 13, 2010

Special Hibiscus

My father-in-law got this plant from someone and gave me some. It is a type of hibiscus but the special part about it is that when it bloom, the flower stays like that for few days, day and night. Normal hibiscus, when it bloom, it's flower only open up during the day time and by night, it shut close and will not open again the next day. After a day or two it will drop off.

Most of my neighbors start asking for some. Thanks to me, most of them who loves gardening has one now. We sort of exchange plants once in a while. That's the fun part of gardening. The house opposite mine, operates a hair saloon business at home and occasionally her customer would ask for plants from me too.

Not sure of the plant's actual name but I know it is from the hibiscus family. Well, it doesn't really matter as long as it stays pretty like that in my garden, day and night. The flower is actually quite strong as it can withstand strong winds and storms. So this is the only plant that has something to show off regardless of rain or shine, day or night. Just lovely.

Thanks for reading and hope you admire my flowers like I do.


Dav DiDi said...

I love flowers .. too bad I don't have that 'green hand' thing .. all the plants that I planted will die eventually .. :(

I'm a full-time mummy said...

It does look different! I remember when I was in primary school, our homework is to bring as many types of flowers we can to school for show and tell. The ones I normally took were hibiscus and orchids.

baili said...

this is really beautiful dear i wish even i want to share such pretty flowers pics with my blogger friends but my camera is not as good as yours ,i liked the idea of plant exchange but i have no one around me who likes gardening ,
thanks for beautiful sharing your posts are always so simple and touch the heart god bless

Cee said...

I exchange plants with my friends too. I am not sure if this is a type of Hibiscus. The leaves are different and it doesn't have pistil in the middle of the flower which is a trademark of Hibiscus. I got this kind in yellow, so I guess, it's in the bell family. But whatever the name is, it's really pretty. The color is nice too.

Have a good day!

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Aries said...

Come to think of it, maybe it does belong to the bell family. As long as it stays pretty, does not matter.

Anonymous said...

It is a type of flower called Adenium. Mainly distributed in Penang or Thailand.

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