September 27, 2010

Pumpkin cook with meat

This is a simple dish. All you need is pumpkin, chicken or pork, had not try with other meat yet, and some garlic. Cut pumpkin into cubes. Cut meat into cubes or in slices. Marinate meat with light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, a bit of corn starch, pepper and a dash of sesame oil.

Heat pan and saute minced garlic. Add meat. Stir fry till all meat are properly cook. Add in pumpkin. Add a bit of water, soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Cook till pumpkin becomes soft. When it is hot, the pumpkin is not so sweet. Once it cools down the pumpkin is sweet. So this is kinda sweet dish.

Thanks for reading and hope you like it. Happy trying.


Ash said...

yummy! what do ya know? i bought pumpkins lastnight so this is on the menu for dinner tonight. thanks!

~ash's mum

Cee said...

Julianna loves pumpkin so much. That is surely yummy and nutritious too. Thanks for sharing!

the diary said...

wow... looks delicious... i'll try to cooking

Aries said...

Thanks for reading and glad you all like it

rodney said...

reading tis post make me hungry at tis time..ish ish..

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