December 4, 2013

Thank you

Grateful that I had a chance to create a blog. Love writing but now found another space that I could express my writing and opinion and get instant feedback, comments and likes. Just hope all these writing will eventually lead to my dream. Fingers cross. I still update my gratitude blog on a daily basis. Purpose is to remind me that everyday I have something to be grateful about. Thanks to those who had read my blog. Not sure when I will post again. Good day to all.

November 11, 2013

Cat's Playground

These stray cats had just turn my backyard into their playground. The mummy cat look exactly like my previous stray cat named "Rusty" except smaller in size. The mummy cat was pregnant twice before this but I never get to see the kittens. Now this batch of kittens was her 3rd pregnancy and she gave birth in my neighbor's backyard between those empty pots. Since I am the one who always feed her, now the whole family comes for food. The cat with black spot could be the dad as some of the kitten had a bit of black patch.

I, too, like my neighbors, have a lot of pots and stuffs in the backyard and these kittens treat it like their playground. Lovely to watch them play while I wash dishes or cook in the kitchen. Those kittens had got so strong now, could leap over the drain etc and could run in great speed. I don't mind feeding them. Lovely watching them grow in my backyard.

Now a days when I go shopping, I look for dogs treats and cat food besides my list of things to buy. Gone were the days when I shop for baby stuffs. My sons shop for their own clothes etc. Don't need me to do that for them any more.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great week ahead.

November 7, 2013

New Hobby

Got myself a new hobby. Started chatting with other mummies via a group setup in facebook. Grateful that the internet allow us to communicate with others so easily and when one needs help, the group is more than willing to provide all the necessary information. Most importantly most of them are from Malaysia, so those places or stuff that they mentioned is within reach. Learned a lot of new stuff from this group and I manage to share a few of my own parenting skills too.

A great thing for me as I prefer to stay at home and don't really like to go out so often. At least I get to chat with such a big group from all over and all walks of life. I am not sure why but I love to write more than I talk. So chatting via the net is best for me.

So soon the year is coming to an end and time to plan vacations etc as for us here, school holidays starts in mid of November until January. Happy holidays to all and happy blogging too.

October 17, 2013

A Tale Of A Dargon

At last the dragon fruit that hubby's friend gave him, about ten years ago, now bearing fruit, for the first time. It did bloom once before this but the flower dried up and drop off at bud stage. This time we get to watch it grow and taste the fruit. So precious, like watching my child grow. Hubby requested that I should snap a photo of it daily, to monitor. I just took photo of it when I see changes.

I didn't even get to see the flower at full bloom. The flower open up for just a few hours. Hubby saw the full bloom very early in the morning, on his way to work. By the time I water the plants later in the morning, the flower had shut close. Anyway, grateful that it bear fruits. Since we planted it in a pot, we had never change pot or add soil / fertilizer etc. Not easy to handle cactus with thorns every where.

It is worth the wait as the fruit is so sweet. Too bad there is only one fruit. Hope there will be more in the near future after it start bearing fruit. Thanks for reading and hope your plants grow well. Happy gardening.

October 3, 2013

A New Tom Cat

There aren't many stray cats that hang around my backyard now a days except for Rusty and a female cat that look exactly like Rusty but smaller in size. We named her Princess. Recently this tom cat kept stalking Princess and he noticed that when Princess meow and I am around, I would give her some cat food.

Normally when he is around he have this particular loud meow like those male cats trying to impress a female cat during mating season but the minute he saw me, his meow sound changed immediately to a gentle baby meow begging for food. It always made me laugh every time when he change his meow sound. He sure learn fast how to impress me. Love his fur, nice spot just like the leopard.

I used to tell my sons that I adore animals like tiger, lion and leopard. Since there is no way I could get one as a pet, the law of attraction sent me a cat that look like this. It will do just fine for me. Thank you.

Thanks for reading and hope you love animals as much as I do.
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