October 3, 2013

A New Tom Cat

There aren't many stray cats that hang around my backyard now a days except for Rusty and a female cat that look exactly like Rusty but smaller in size. We named her Princess. Recently this tom cat kept stalking Princess and he noticed that when Princess meow and I am around, I would give her some cat food.

Normally when he is around he have this particular loud meow like those male cats trying to impress a female cat during mating season but the minute he saw me, his meow sound changed immediately to a gentle baby meow begging for food. It always made me laugh every time when he change his meow sound. He sure learn fast how to impress me. Love his fur, nice spot just like the leopard.

I used to tell my sons that I adore animals like tiger, lion and leopard. Since there is no way I could get one as a pet, the law of attraction sent me a cat that look like this. It will do just fine for me. Thank you.

Thanks for reading and hope you love animals as much as I do.


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