March 31, 2012

Where Are You

This photo was taken about a month before Chinese New Year, this year. Hubby and I went and bought some plants, soil and pots. Upon reaching home, I took out everything from the plastic bag and start replanting those new plants into the new pots. Half way adding soil into a pot, I heard sounds of plastic and when I turn my head, there he was, Rusty sitting comfortably in the plastic bags. He even stayed there until I washed my hands, took out the camera and took this shot. He sure loves to have his photo taken.

He had been missing for a week now. I told some of my students and one of them said his cat went missing before, for two weeks and came back. His cat was stalking a female cat. He said a male cat would follow a female cat until they get to mate. I sincerely hope that was the case for Rusty.

Rusty is always over friendly with humans. Maybe he had found a new owner and was lock up some where somehow. Or worst still, too friendly and he was hurt by some nasty human.

Kinda missed that little fellow and his pampered meow. These few days when ever anyone of us hears a meow we would go check and see if it was Rusty. Hope he is safe and in good hands and have enough to eat and a comfortable place to rest.

Normally he would come home for meals and leave. Sometimes he would spent the whole day in my house lying around doing nothing. But every time when he is home, he always wants to stay near a human. His favorite spot is on my youngest son's lap when ever my son is around. Had never been missing for more than twelve hours until now. Wish he could text me a line or two letting us know he is alright.

Thanks for reading. Just wanna get this off my chest. Rusty, I will pray for your safety and hope you are well and happy and being loved by all. The door is always open for you when ever you feel like dropping by.

March 25, 2012


Wedding vows normally are :

"...... will love you in sickness and in health,
in poverty or in wealth,
till death do us part "

Almost every parents' secret vows :

" ...... will love you in tantrum or in protest,
in sickness or in health,
mess up my life or burn down the house,
made my hair stand on ends or joy all around,
will protect, provide for you and love you unconditionally"

Every child's vow to their parents should be :

" ...... will love you and care for you,
in sickness or in health,
in poverty or in wealth,
constant nagging or praising,
be by your side when ever you need me,
even though I was not given a chance to choose my parents,
but I was designated to be your child,
you too have no choice but to tolerate with me,
and still love me unconditionally,
I will care for you like how you care for me"

Guess the only vow made public was the wedding vows. Thanks for reading. Which vow have you make.

March 13, 2012

A Refreshing Healthy Drink

This is not a glass of cow's milk nor soy milk. I was checking the you-tube for recipe and came across this. It is easy to make. All you need is a bowl of raw walnut, a bowl of raw peanut with skin on and a hand full of rice, preferable white rice. Soak all ingredients in water for about two hours. Blend everything together with some water. The more water you add the more dilute the drink will be. I only add water till it reach the top of the blender and that's it.

Pour everything in a cloth bag and squeeze the juice into a pot. Add sugar and bring to a boil, which takes only about ten minutes or so. Serve hot or cold. I could get only four glasses full, just nice for a family of four like mine.

Thanks for reading. Give this a try. A healthy yet yummy drinks for all age.

March 7, 2012

My Amazing Son At Four

In Malaysia, we can choose either to send or not to send our children to kindergarden. I send both my sons to kindergarden at the age of four. I want them to learn social skill as soon as possible. Obviously my mom and mother-in-law thought I was crazy again. Both quite against the idea because I enter kindergarden at the aged of six and my hubby doesn't even had the chance to go.

I promised my mom and my in-laws that I could train my son to be independent and get him ready for school by four years old. So by the time he turns three, I trained him to go to the toilet himself, got rid of using potty, learned how to clean himself, eat and drink like an adult without any spilling etc.

Obviously all the above was thought in a fun manner without any stress and he too, thought of it as a game and did grow up, I mean became more matured then any other children his age. My intention was always for him to learn how to take care of himself when mummy and daddy is not around. We can't be around him 24/7.

Then came the day. His first day of kindergarden. I took him in, sat with him for a while and said goodbye. Most of the children in his class looked tense. Missed their mommy, I think. Everyone tried very hard not to cry but not my son. Suddenly, a child cried in the next room which somehow influenced most in his classmate to start crying too.

One by one they started crying and my son, asked the teacher to shut the door to their classroom because the crying child next door is making everyone in his class cried and it is very annoying. The teacher was stunned by my son's request and told me about this at the end of school. None of us expected him to speck up like this, not on a first day.

Weeks passed and every night I would asked him how was school, did he made any friends etc and he told me there was this Indian boy in his class who was double his size kept bullying his classmates. I told him not to get into any fights or argument, if he does bully him, go straight to the teacher and report the matter.

He assured me that the bully always leaves him alone and dare not bully him. When I hear stuffs like these makes me wonder if my son was the one bullying that huge Indian boy instead.

One fine day my son came and told me that the big bully in his school will not bully again. Got me even more worried. Had he taken matters into his own tiny hands? Oh my, almost drop to the ground. I remained calm and hear the rest of his story. "Today, the big bully's dad was at school to pick him up. As he was packing his stuff, I walk up to his dad and asked him if he knew his son was bullying other kids in school?"

I then asked what was the dad's reaction, he said a bit angry and said something in Tamil to the son. That day my son was so sure that he had saved most of his classmate from being bullied again, like a super hero saving mankind from evil. Oh my, this is way beyond what I had thought him. Anyway, the big bully didn't stop bullying but my son always teaches others how to avoid being bullied. Kept playing super hero again without him realizing.

These are the wonders of having children. Never failed to surprise us every now and then. I am not sure if he could still remember all these now that he is in his teens. At least I have one more exciting tale to tell my grandchildren about their dad in the future.

Hope you enjoy this amusing tale about my son as a toddler, an amazing toddler too. Happy parenting to you and I am sure your children surprises you as much.

March 3, 2012

Cats Holding Tails?!!?

I have been feeding these two stray cats too. They often hang around the back of my house. The first time when I gave them food, the grey cat hissed at me. Never knew cats hissed too. After a few attempt now they dare to come near me when I feed them with dry cat food. They are so cute.

The first time I saw them, they were like love birds. Look at their tails, tangled together and they are so passionate to each other. Found out later they are both male cats, they must be brothers. We called them the brothers. Most of the time they would come over to my house for meals, together.

These two had met Rusty, the other stray cat, and had learn to meow in a passionate way. So now when they see me they would meow instead of hissed, like before. They had not try to come into the house, yet, and I hope will never. Don't think I could cope with three cats taking over my sofa etc, like Rusty. They would stay outside and wait for me to bring them food.

Just wanted to share this video with you. Look at their tails. So darn adorable, ain't they. Happy parenting your pets too.
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