August 20, 2012

Frightening Experience

I was driving the other day and experience vertigo. It was kinda scary. Luckily I manage to drive to the side and stopped the car in time. I rested for a while before I continue to drive to school, slowly, to fetch my son. We made it home in one piece.

A few days later, on the same stretch of road, I had a panic attacked. I felted like a rush of hot blood flowing all round and later chill. I had to stopped at the side again. This time I really panic. I drove very slowly to my son's school but I don't think I could continue driving home.

I called my elder son who is in college and on break at that moment to come fetch us home. I parked the car at the nearest fast food restaurant.

Until today, which is already about a week now, I still feel a bit car sick when I am in a moving car even though I am not driving.

I went for a blood test and everything came out fine. I asked the doctor if this could be a pre-monopause symptom, she said I am too young, shouldn't be monopause. Blood pressure and urine test are fine too.

Guess now I have to learn to over come my fear of riding in a car on my own. I have to brain wash myself and get rid of that fear soon. Now I truly understand how a person feel after a panic attack and those who are phobia of certain things, it is just beyond our control.

Hope I get well soon and become normal again. Any suggestions, anyone? I can't avoid traveling in cars for the rest of my life. Thanks for visiting my site and hope some of you could teach me how to overcome my fear.

August 12, 2012

Another Dog

My sister had adopted a dog few years back. An adult male, mix breed, via the internet. His name is Bebble. A very shy, dorsal male dog. The previous owner who is expecting her third child and has two older daughters, could not afford to care for this dog anymore.

Yesterday, my sis told me that she might be adopting another dog. Male Labrador named Andy from a friend. This friend had to move to an apartment and does not have enough space for a huge dog anymore.

Before this, my sister already had two other dogs, at separate time, but due to the high energy of those dogs and she and her family had no time to properly train those two puppies, they turned aggressive and become difficult adult dogs. She had to give them up to the SPCA.

I can't imagine my sis having had so many dogs and I only had my first dog this year. You see, she is very afraid of dogs when she was young. I remembered very clearly that when we were young, granny used to send us to the sundry shop nearby to get groceries. We would have to walk a block away to reach the shops.

Every time when we bump into a stray dog on the street, my sis would freeze and sometime cried too. I on the other hand would walk pass the dog at ease. With her around we have to divert to another road.

When ever I am at a friends place who has dogs, I would spend time playing and patting the dogs while my sis would be standing at a far corner.

Guess people do change. I do not know exactly what triggered her to change or when she actually started to like dogs. Her daughter still do not want to have anything to do with dogs even after so many years living with a dog at home. My sis, her hubby and two sons would take turn to care for the dog but the daughter would make sure the dog stays at a far corner when she comes home from school or when she need to go out.

She must have gotten my sister's gene. Hahahha. Maybe someday she might change her mind. Anyway, they only like dogs at the moment, not really fond of cats or rabbits. Unlike me, my neighbors and relatives used to tease me saying that my home is soon becoming a zoo. I always laugh and tell them that by having just a rabbit, a puppy and some stray cats had yet to qualify for a zoo. Hmmmm maybe I should adopt another lion or/and tiger or/and elephant, then I would qualify to convert my home to a zoo. Just kidding.

Thanks for reading and hope you love pets as much as I do. Happy parenting your pets.

August 5, 2012

Let's Change

Last week one of my student told me that his name, which sounds like a girl's name in Chinese, was chosen by a Feng Shui master. To me, he has the lowest I.Q and not much of a common sense when it comes to solving maths problem. Even a simple conversation with him can make my blood pressure rise. The whole class could be talking about something and out of no where he would pop an irrelevant question. Makes me wonder, what his name is suppose to do for him.

I have relatives and friends who went and consult Feng Shui master and have their name changed. The reason being, things didn't go as smooth as it should be. Some even change their furniture etc just for the same reason.

I do believe that Fend Shui does work but only to a certain extent. It helps a person only about ten percent. The other ninety percent is totally up to us.

Like the saying goes "God help those who help themselves". If we kept blaming our name, our furniture, the environment etc we will be busy changing everything else instead of ourselves. Guess for those who consult the Feng Shui master often, only makes the master richer, not really a smoother road for themselves in the long run.

Why not spent those time discovering ourselves, our weakness and our strength before we make a change.

Thanks for reading and let us all make a change, and I don't mean changing your clothes or your name.

August 2, 2012

Headless Dog

Look at my dear cute Muffin. I was searching the net to find some home made toys for dogs and found quite a lot of cheap, recycle way to keep dogs occupied. One of it was feed him his meal in a tissue box.

Look at him. Even though his head is stuck in the box, he still continue to eat his puppy kibbles. Oh my, it doesn't bother him at all. Kinda fun discovering how silly my dog could be. Not sure if it is entertaining for him, but it sure was for me.

Once he finished those kibbles I helped remove the box from his head. Wonder why he didn't react like the dog in the youtube. He is suppose to tear the box apart before eating. Maybe he is still too young to figure that out.

Thanks for visiting and happy parenting your pets, if you have any.
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