August 5, 2012

Let's Change

Last week one of my student told me that his name, which sounds like a girl's name in Chinese, was chosen by a Feng Shui master. To me, he has the lowest I.Q and not much of a common sense when it comes to solving maths problem. Even a simple conversation with him can make my blood pressure rise. The whole class could be talking about something and out of no where he would pop an irrelevant question. Makes me wonder, what his name is suppose to do for him.

I have relatives and friends who went and consult Feng Shui master and have their name changed. The reason being, things didn't go as smooth as it should be. Some even change their furniture etc just for the same reason.

I do believe that Fend Shui does work but only to a certain extent. It helps a person only about ten percent. The other ninety percent is totally up to us.

Like the saying goes "God help those who help themselves". If we kept blaming our name, our furniture, the environment etc we will be busy changing everything else instead of ourselves. Guess for those who consult the Feng Shui master often, only makes the master richer, not really a smoother road for themselves in the long run.

Why not spent those time discovering ourselves, our weakness and our strength before we make a change.

Thanks for reading and let us all make a change, and I don't mean changing your clothes or your name.


KaKai said...

Very good point.

Deborah Howell said...

Of course change is good and at times necessary for continued growth. Sometimes changing something about ourselves is the hardest thing to do; but it can be done. Thanks for the reminder.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

This is a good point!
ps. I have a malicious virus attack when I come here...dont know why?

Aries said...

Hi there. thanks for visiting and your comments. Kim, hope you get well soon.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yes! Agree! I hate ppl with superstitious thinking!

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