October 29, 2009

Minced meat with tofu

This is another simple dish. All you need is minced meat (normally I used pork) , tofu (bought those in box) , dry shrimps and some minced garlic or shallot.

1. Marinate minced meat with light soya sauce, a dash of dark soya sauce, pepper, 5 spice powder (optional), a bit of corn starch flour and sesame oil. This is normally how I marinate all meat. If you don't have soya sauce, replace it with salt.
2. Minced garlic or sliced shallot. I prefer shallot for this dish.
3. Steam tofu for about ten minutes. Remove water that sip out from tofu when steaming and put aside.
4. Fry dry shrimp till fragrant then add shallot. scoop it up.
5. Fry minced meat till cook than put back the fried dry shrimp and shallot.
6. Once everything is frangrant, scoop up and put on tofu and serve. It is a dry dish.

Happy trying. Thanks for reading and learning.

October 26, 2009

The Perfect Girl

Adam is in his early 40s, his friends have already got married while he just dates and dates. One day, a friend asks him, "What's the matter, are you looking for the perfect woman? Are you that particular? Can't you find some one who suits you?".

"No," he replies. "I meet many nice girls, but as soon as I bring them home to meet my parents, my mother doesn't like them. So I keep looking."

"Listen," his friend suggests, "Why don't you find a girl who just looks like your dear old mother?"

Many weeks go by again Adam and his friend get together.

"So Adam, did you find the perfect girl yet? One that's just like your mother?"

He shrugs his shoulder. "Yes, I found one just like my mother. My mother loved her. They quickly became friends."

"Are you and this girl engaged yet?"

"I'm afraid not. My father can't stand her!"

Just for laughs. Thanks for reading

October 21, 2009

My First Blog Award

Never thought this could happen to me. This award was passed on to me by "Buttery"fly. This really does act as a booster shot to continue blogging. I really appreciate it and thanks for reading my posts and thanks to your comments. It's good to know my post was read and appreciated by others.

Check out "Buttery"fly at http://mybutteryfly.blogspot.com/


1. To accept this award, copy and save the award then post it in your blog together with the name of the person who granted the award to you and of course with his/her blog link. Please do leave a comment.
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October 19, 2009

Birdie story

Isn't it cute. Actually it comes in pair. The other bird was on my other plant that moment. These 2 love birds would only visit me on hot days. During the dry season, when there's no rain for a couple of weeks, I will get to see them. They are so used to me that they would wait patiently for me to water my plants every morning. They would hang around the neighbours fence or car and sit there and wait for me. The very minute I switch off the tap, they would immediately fly straight to one of my plants and rub their body against the wet leaves. They don't even bother that I am still standing there. My big pot of bonsai is normally their favourite spot. Today I don't know why they choose the palm tree instead.

Hope you like this as much as I do. I adore nature. I can stand there for hours watching them. Isn't it fun to get to watch up close. Unlike the bird park, I have to pay an entrance fee and might not even get to see those birds so close. Thanks for viewing. Hope I manage to brighten up your day.

October 15, 2009

Learning is a challenge not a chore

Cultivate the habit of learning in your child from the very first day they were born. Make known to them that learning is something we need to do throughout our life and we can always do it the fun way.

Children ask a lot of questions when they were young. They are curious. They want to know more. This is the stage where their brains are like sponge. Anything you teach them they will learn and keep it in their brain. Don't kill their curiosity. Encourage them to ask more. Feed them with more information and they will eventually cultivate the habit to learn.

Your reaction towards their questions are very important. Your body language and your tone when you answer them. Don't ever show them you couldn't care less or agitated. If you don't know the answer don't get your child to ask another. Find out the answer together with your child. Let him / her know you are willing to learn too.

I read a lot about parenting when my 1st child was born. I do follow most of what I learned and guess what, with a little patience and practice, it does pay off. My 2 sons don't drag themselves to school. You see, when you increase their general knowledge at home, makes it easier to study in school. They felt like they know most of the stuffs already and won't find it so pressurize.

I remembered, one fine day, my youngest son came home from school and told me that he had a new teacher that day and she is just like me. He was only 8 years old then. Asked him what does he mean by that. He said " Mum, she knows everything, just like you". I was on top of the world that moment. I felt like I was just given the "Best Mum" award. Of course now he knows, I don't know "everything", but he knows I am always willing to learn.

"Do not be annoyed when your children ask impossible questions. Be proud that they think you know the answer" --------- got this from a joke book.

Trust me, all this does pay off. I will be posting more about how to train your young children to learn, to always want to know more on my next "mummy's tale". Thanks for reading.

October 11, 2009

Pattaya Fried Rice

1. Beat a couple of eggs. Sometimes you might need 4 to 5 eggs.
2. Fry them on a non-stick pan

3.Add in your fried rice (what ever flavour). Here I used the fried rice that I thought you in my earlier post.
4. Arrange it at the side. Not too much rice.
5. Fold the egg into 2, or you could make a gigantic omelette and wrap the fried rice into a parcel.

6. Here I only fold the eggs into 2 and slide it onto my plate and serve.
7. If you are trying to get your kids to eat vegetable. this is the best way. Fried the rice with vegetable and of course some meat to cover the taste of vegetables. Then cover the fried rice with omelette like this and draw a funny face with tomato sauce. I learned this from t.v. Kids would love this.

Happy trying and thanks for reading.

October 7, 2009

What is daddy for?

Five-year old Little Adam asked, "Mummy, where do babies come from?".
"The stork, dear, " replied his mum.
"Mummy, who keeps bad people from robbing our house?" asked Adam.
His mother answered, "The police, dear."
"Mummy, if our house was on fire, who would save us?"
"The firemen, dear."
"Mummy, where does food come from?"
"Farmers, dear."
"Yes, dear?"
"What do we need Daddy for?"

Hope this will brighten up your day. Just for laughs. Thanks for reading.

October 3, 2009

Robbery In Disguise

Last year during the recession, robberies were high. Every week someone from my neighborhood was either robbed, mugged on the street or their whole house rob and ransacked. There was this unique robbery that happens to one of my friend staying just few blocks away from my house.

They stayed in a single storey terrace house facing a community field (a children playground). They have the habit of eating out every weekend without fail. Guess the robbers and even all the neighbors would had noticed this.

One fine Saturday as they were getting ready to go out for dinner, my friend's husband noticed this particular car had parked next to the field directly opposite his house for some time now that day. He blurry sees a male and a female in the car. He knows that car does not belong to any of his neighbor. To him, perhaps these couple, or maybe love bird, just needed a quiet place to chat. Off he drove to the restaurant.

Within seconds, this male and female followed by another male broke into their house quietly from the front. The girl open the gate, going into the porch, wide and started spaying water at the dog. The dog ran to the field and stayed there. (Hope you understand how Malaysian houses look like). Within seconds, they were in the house. The 2 males quickly emptied all drawers into their bags and grab all valuables that they could find. In the meantime, the female (in her twenties) switch on all the lights and start wiping the furniture with a cloth, as if she was spring cleaning.

Some neighbors saw her doing that and didn't suspect a thing, even though she don't look familiar. Not until one of the neighbor noticed the 3 of them leaving the house with 3 big bags and knifes in hand. They look like they were in a hurry. He immediately phone my friend.

It all happen so fast that my friend had not even reach the restaurant. They reported the case to police. They were shock when neighbors told him what they saw. Even their young son's piggy bank was stolen too. We are now more aware and alert when we see aliens in the neighborhood.

Hope this never happen to anyone of us. Thanks for reading.
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