October 3, 2009

Robbery In Disguise

Last year during the recession, robberies were high. Every week someone from my neighborhood was either robbed, mugged on the street or their whole house rob and ransacked. There was this unique robbery that happens to one of my friend staying just few blocks away from my house.

They stayed in a single storey terrace house facing a community field (a children playground). They have the habit of eating out every weekend without fail. Guess the robbers and even all the neighbors would had noticed this.

One fine Saturday as they were getting ready to go out for dinner, my friend's husband noticed this particular car had parked next to the field directly opposite his house for some time now that day. He blurry sees a male and a female in the car. He knows that car does not belong to any of his neighbor. To him, perhaps these couple, or maybe love bird, just needed a quiet place to chat. Off he drove to the restaurant.

Within seconds, this male and female followed by another male broke into their house quietly from the front. The girl open the gate, going into the porch, wide and started spaying water at the dog. The dog ran to the field and stayed there. (Hope you understand how Malaysian houses look like). Within seconds, they were in the house. The 2 males quickly emptied all drawers into their bags and grab all valuables that they could find. In the meantime, the female (in her twenties) switch on all the lights and start wiping the furniture with a cloth, as if she was spring cleaning.

Some neighbors saw her doing that and didn't suspect a thing, even though she don't look familiar. Not until one of the neighbor noticed the 3 of them leaving the house with 3 big bags and knifes in hand. They look like they were in a hurry. He immediately phone my friend.

It all happen so fast that my friend had not even reach the restaurant. They reported the case to police. They were shock when neighbors told him what they saw. Even their young son's piggy bank was stolen too. We are now more aware and alert when we see aliens in the neighborhood.

Hope this never happen to anyone of us. Thanks for reading.


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