October 29, 2009

Minced meat with tofu

This is another simple dish. All you need is minced meat (normally I used pork) , tofu (bought those in box) , dry shrimps and some minced garlic or shallot.

1. Marinate minced meat with light soya sauce, a dash of dark soya sauce, pepper, 5 spice powder (optional), a bit of corn starch flour and sesame oil. This is normally how I marinate all meat. If you don't have soya sauce, replace it with salt.
2. Minced garlic or sliced shallot. I prefer shallot for this dish.
3. Steam tofu for about ten minutes. Remove water that sip out from tofu when steaming and put aside.
4. Fry dry shrimp till fragrant then add shallot. scoop it up.
5. Fry minced meat till cook than put back the fried dry shrimp and shallot.
6. Once everything is frangrant, scoop up and put on tofu and serve. It is a dry dish.

Happy trying. Thanks for reading and learning.


Jeannie said...

Steam tofu...mmm...I'm too lazy, I'll just fry everything together...lol. Thanks for sharing!

"BUTTERY"fly said...

My husband loves anything with tofu.
What's good about your recipe is that all the ingredients are very easy to find esp. from where I live.
Thanks for sharing!


Aries said...

glad you like it, more recipes comin up in the next "what's cooking" actually if you don't mind the tofu cold, you could just cook the meat and dry shrimp and pour onto the tofu (tofu straight from the box)

Khoo Yit Kiat said...

Hey how did you get the frames on your photos....I tried searching for it but can't find it?

sweetromance said...

I've never had tofu, your recipee sounds interesting but, I'm from out of town. What is five spice powder? Perhaps I could make my own.

Aries said...

What frames? It is automatic

Aries said...

You can get ready made 5 spices from the supermarket. I a not sure what are the spices. Perhaps you could check the internet. Thanks for reading anyway

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