June 18, 2013

So Happen

I broke off with my boyfriend. My sister started going out with a new group of friends and invited me to join them because she finds them fun to be with and I would surely enjoy myself. I did. We would go to movies, hang out after work, play games together and go on trips together too. So happen hubby is one of them.

That is how hubby and I got to know each other and end up being husband and wife. Few years later I had two sons. So happen that was my wish all along. To have only two sons because I don't think I can handle a daughter.

After few years of working, I thought I should get a cheap house that is within my budget, as investment. The very same year, so happen, my mum told me she saw an advertisement about some new cheap houses for sale. She suggested why not we buy one each, next to each other so later we could move in and become neighbors. We did.

After a year or so, found the place to be quite dead. Not many willing to stay there but we still manage to rent it out at a very low rate. It is too far from every where so we didn't moved in either. I am not making any profit from it and decided to sell it but can't find buyers. So happen the tenant that was renting the place would like to buy from me. I was delighted even though not making profit, I decided to sell. Few years later only we manage to sell my mum's house.

Later I decided to resign and find something to do at home that can earn me some money and at the same time able to take care of my sons. So happen at that time my sister-in-law was giving tuition to school children at her house. I thought to myself, hey, I could do that too. So I did, till today.

Few years back my eldest son went to college and he drives there. Hubby, too, drove to the train station to take the train to work. That will leaves me with no car to fetch my younger son who is still in secondary school. But before all these starts to take place, so happen a friend asked if we could send his son to school in the morning and she will fetch my son from school. Both her son and mine goes to the same school. We did. So morning hubby would send both of them to school before going to work and this lady will send my son home after school.

I wanted to feed stray cats and thought that I could only do that if I frequent lanes behind shops etc. So happen stray cats starts to pass by my house and I started feeding them and they came back for more and now I don't even need to leave the house to do that.

I am grateful with my so many "so happen" incidents. It is either the law of attraction is working very well and I am really tuned in or it is my karma or perhaps my guarding angel is taking very good care of me. What ever the case may be, I hope and wish for more "so happen" in the future.

Thanks for reading and may many good "so happen" happens to you too.

June 10, 2013

My Art

At last, I manage to complete my so call art work. Took me a few months to complete. Isn't it lovely. I am actually quite bad in art (almost fail art in school) but with this P.I.Y (paint it yourself a.k.a paint by number) it makes it so easy and turn out to be lovely, like it was painted by professionals.

I should do this more often. There are so many to choose from. Kinda got addicted to it but when I look at the size of the canvas and my walls, I don't think I have that many walls to occupy this new hobby. When I was in my teens, I love cross-stitch and had made quite a number of it. Already occupying most of the walls in my house. Now this. I would have to find a hobby that do not need so much space. Does Candy Crush count as a hobby?

Yes, I know I could actually paint it and give it away as gifts but then since it took up so much of my time and effort, I don't think I have the heart to give it away. Actually all those cross-stitch that I had framed up, is still with me. Can't bring myself to give any of it away. Well, if I were to give it away, I have to give it to someone who appreciate it and not chuck it in a corner to collect dust. It is like giving away a pet, have to find an owner who will take good care of it.

That is all for now. With this hobby out of the way as for now, I should be able to blog more, I think. Thanks for reading and happy blogging or painting or parenting to you.
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