May 29, 2012

A Bouquet Of Vegetable

Wouldn't this make a lovely Parents' Day gift. It is healthy, edible and don't cost so much as a bouquet of flowers on Mothers' Day. Now a days vegetables are sold at supermarket in all sorts of packaging. What will they think of next.

Till next time, thanks for visiting and happy blogging to you.

May 22, 2012

So Many Twins

My younger son was helping me to prepare dinner last night. We made omelette and I asked him to break six eggs for me. Five out of the six eggs have 2 yolks. What are the odds of getting so many twins in the same batch of eggs? I have been cooking for years and had break thousands of eggs and had only seen egg with two yolks, twice. That also at separate occasion. My son said "Does that mean I am darn lucky today?" Hahahahha

Is he really that lucky or there had been some alteration genetically on chickens now a days so that they can multiply faster? Notice the photo above, only one yolk is large, actual size, the rest are smaller and joint together. One of the twin yolk broke, that's why you will only see nine smaller yolks and one large yolk.

Hmmm, told hubby about this and he said I think too much. Well, anyway those omelette taste delicious and hope those eggs are really safe for consumption.

Thanks for reading. How time flies. Hope I could blog more often. So many stuffs in my head that I need to pen it on my blog but time is not really on my side. Till next time, have a nice day to all readers.

May 12, 2012

Mail Cat

Rusty came back, safe and sound and not a scratch. Asked him where he went and why didn't he show up for so long, about a couple of months, and all he could say was "meow" "meow" and "meow". About a week ago, at night and it was dark outside. My youngest son saw an almost all white cat with some orange spot walking around our tiny garden and he went jumping up and down telling me Rusty is outside. I told him that could not be because Rusty would normally come home with loud "meows" and would always come straight into the house through the grill gate. The first thing he normally do would be to find a human being to pampered him.

My son then went straight out to the garden and called out his name. The cat turn around and not a single sound. My son insist that is Rusty and went and carry him in. He remain calm like usual and once in the house, not a sound from him. He look around as if this was his first time in the house. After almost an hour he made himself at home. He only stayed for a while and left.

My son was upset for fear he might not come again tomorrow. The next day Rusty was himself again, like his usual self, came home with loud "meows" and start looking for us to feed him and pat him. Look at him sitting in the small hole like this. This is actually my build in post box at the pillar near the gate. Isn't he adorable. We are still wondering where he went those days. We only allow him to hang around inside the house during the day. When we are about to sleep, we would put him out. He is still a stray cat and we wouldn't want him on our bed.

Thanks for reading. Happy parenting your pets. Hope Rusty would be with us for a long time.

May 6, 2012

Mother's Day Confession

Yes. Mother's Day is finally here. It reminded me of my mom, many years ago, on the night of Mother's Day, she had a stoke. My sister and I had never celebrate Mother's Day with her. My family only celebrate Birthdays. Maybe because my mom is always not around when we were young. It made us feel like she is always not available when we needed her the most yet she always brat about herself being the best mom in the world. It makes me feel that it is not worth celebrating this auspicious day with her.

After I got married, my husband's family, on the other hand, had never missed a Mother's Day or a Father's Day or his parents birthdays. All his brothers, sisters and their spouses and my nieces and nephews would make sure we had one day free on those month to celebrate with my in-laws, either we eat out or pot luck at home.

I remembered clearly, that unfortunate day. That was the year when my mom decided to stay on her own and I start sending my sons to my mother-in-law instead, when I am at work. That night, hubby and I and my two young sons, then, just came home from a Mother's Day dinner with my in-laws. I had just put my two sons to sleep and it was about 11 at night, my hand phone rang. My mom was on the other line. She sounds calm but she said that she could not move her left half of her body. She was watching t.v and had a headache and the next thing she knew half of her body felt so heavy and could not moved. Luckily her hand phone was on a nearby coffee table. She tried to stand but felled on the floor. She forced herself to reach the phone and called me. I have the spare keys to her house.

In a panic manner, hubby and I search for the spare keys. When you are in a hurry, you just could not find those keys. It used to be laying around some where. As we were searching, my mom kept calling and asked what took us so long but it was less than five minutes to me. At last we found the key and hubby drove to her house, which took about thirty minutes to reach her place. I called my sister too, but her place is even further so I told her to meet us in the hospital.

Hubby thought that he was huge enough to carry my mom as she is just a medium sized lazy, no need for an ambulance. I stayed at home as there was no one available to take care of my young sons that night. Hubby said he had a hard time helping my mom into the car. My sister was already at the hospital waiting.

That night she had to go through a lot of scanning etc so the Doctor advice us all to visit her the next day. The very next morning, the minute we reach her bed she is already joking and laughing and explaining what she went through and how the MRI machine sounded like the sewing machine that we used to have. Her face muscles had gone back to normal but her left leg and hand was a bit tight. Doctor recommended that we get a physiotherapy to help her walk and move left hand and leg again.

I remembered she was discharged very soon. My sister and I took turn sending her to Chinese acupuncture and on certain days a physiotherapy would drop by her place to help her recover. She is a fast learner and with her character of laughing at just about anything under the sun, she had a speedy recovery. Even the doctors couldn't believe it and praise her for her speedy recovery. But then of course the western practitioner was not informed of the acupuncture treatment she was getting at the same time.

Anyway, she still can't walk or do stuffs as fast as she used too. She always does stuff in a hurry and walk like a bullet train. Maybe this is God's way of asking her to slow down. We appreciate her more now but till to-date we still don't celebrate mother's day with her, but we would eat out with her occasionally. Well, besides Mother's Day we have so many other reason to celebrate and be together and eat out or go on trips together once in a while.

Thanks for reading. Just want to share with you what Mother's Day mean to me. Everyday could be Mother's Day if you be around your mom and appreciate her and be grateful that you have one. Imagine there are lots of others who will never know what a mother's love is. My heart goes all out to those people. Happy Mother's Day to all mommies out there.

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