May 22, 2012

So Many Twins

My younger son was helping me to prepare dinner last night. We made omelette and I asked him to break six eggs for me. Five out of the six eggs have 2 yolks. What are the odds of getting so many twins in the same batch of eggs? I have been cooking for years and had break thousands of eggs and had only seen egg with two yolks, twice. That also at separate occasion. My son said "Does that mean I am darn lucky today?" Hahahahha

Is he really that lucky or there had been some alteration genetically on chickens now a days so that they can multiply faster? Notice the photo above, only one yolk is large, actual size, the rest are smaller and joint together. One of the twin yolk broke, that's why you will only see nine smaller yolks and one large yolk.

Hmmm, told hubby about this and he said I think too much. Well, anyway those omelette taste delicious and hope those eggs are really safe for consumption.

Thanks for reading. How time flies. Hope I could blog more often. So many stuffs in my head that I need to pen it on my blog but time is not really on my side. Till next time, have a nice day to all readers.


Cee S. said...

I once heard that there are really hybrid hens that produce twin yolks. But I am not really sure about it.

I remember when I first saw it, I was equally amazed. Hehe But probably your son was really lucky to have opened five eggs with twin yolks each. :D

Midnite Skys said...

I would say he was lucky!!!

Aries said...

HI, thanks for visiting. Just hope he was lucky and nothing else.

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