May 12, 2012

Mail Cat

Rusty came back, safe and sound and not a scratch. Asked him where he went and why didn't he show up for so long, about a couple of months, and all he could say was "meow" "meow" and "meow". About a week ago, at night and it was dark outside. My youngest son saw an almost all white cat with some orange spot walking around our tiny garden and he went jumping up and down telling me Rusty is outside. I told him that could not be because Rusty would normally come home with loud "meows" and would always come straight into the house through the grill gate. The first thing he normally do would be to find a human being to pampered him.

My son then went straight out to the garden and called out his name. The cat turn around and not a single sound. My son insist that is Rusty and went and carry him in. He remain calm like usual and once in the house, not a sound from him. He look around as if this was his first time in the house. After almost an hour he made himself at home. He only stayed for a while and left.

My son was upset for fear he might not come again tomorrow. The next day Rusty was himself again, like his usual self, came home with loud "meows" and start looking for us to feed him and pat him. Look at him sitting in the small hole like this. This is actually my build in post box at the pillar near the gate. Isn't he adorable. We are still wondering where he went those days. We only allow him to hang around inside the house during the day. When we are about to sleep, we would put him out. He is still a stray cat and we wouldn't want him on our bed.

Thanks for reading. Happy parenting your pets. Hope Rusty would be with us for a long time.


Cee S. said...

Awww glad to hear Rusty managed to find his way home. Two of Sakura's kittens lost their way back to us.

Belated Happy Mother's Day to you, Aries!

Aries said...

Hi Cee, thanks for visitng

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