August 26, 2009

My Bonsai Love Story

click on the photo for clearer view.

Now that I caught your attention, I would like to show off one of my creation. No point creating something and hide it from the rest of the world. My heart shape Bonsai. Well the best I can do is bend it to look like a "heart". I tried once (the top photo) but it didn't really look like a "heart". Then manage to bent a smaller pot of bonsai. Now it look more like a "heart". (the bottom photo).

I didn't use wire. I used thread and tie the end of the 2 longest shoot and pull it down like a cross and wait for it to turn woody. Then I cut off all excess branch and leave. Now I just wait for the leaves from the sides to appear. Now it appear bald. Perhaps few more weeks it will look much better.

I have gone through a number of web/blog about bonsai. All they mentioned was how to plant, prune, maintain, fertilizer to use and gardening tools. None teaches how to shape it. Hope I could find a website that shows how to shape it, like a cross stitch book, where they will show you from shape "A" to "Z", cartoons character, etc. All I have to do is just follow instruction.

Perhaps one fine day I would make some unique shape out of it, like maybe my name of my face. (In my dream, I guess). My neighbor's brother manage to shape it into a Chinese word. Well this is gardening. It teaches us to be patience, creative, learn to appreciate nature and do not tamper with nature. Thanks for reading.

August 21, 2009

Potato Jelly

Click on the photo for clearer view.

A friend of mine gave me jelly one day and ask me to guess what was the ingredient. That was easy. The potato taste was strong but nice. Like it very much. I didn't know before that, that potatoes can be used in making jelly. You would love this recipe provided you like potatoes.


Gelatine - 1 packet (I prefer to buy the brand as in picture above. It looks like strings.)
Sugar (I normally use rock sugar)
Potatoes (1 to 2 will do, depending on the size of your potatoes. Don't add too much)

1. Steam potatoes and mash it.
2. Boil gelatine with sugar and water. If you are using the one I mentioned above, you would need 1.2 liter or about 5 cups of water.
3. Sieve the dissolved gelatine into another pot. Continue to boil it and add mash potatoes. Mix well. (This type of jelly sometime does not dissolve properly, so it is better to sieve it first before you add potatoes)
4. Once potatoes are added, don't have to boil so long. About 5 minutes will do. Just to make sure they mix well and no lumps of mash potatoes here and there.
5. Pour into mould / container etc and leave to cool before you put it in the fridge.

Trust me on this. It taste lovely. My kids love it too. Happy trying. Thanks for reading

August 18, 2009

A visit to the sun ?!?!

There was a conference between few countries. The topic was about space exploration. A representative from each country would take turn to give a speech about their latest achievement.

Rep. from country A spoke first:
"By end of this year, my people will be building a science lab in space with 1,000 scientist on board."

Everyone applaud.

Rep. from country B said:
"By mid of next year, my country will be sending a team of 10 astronauts to the moon. We are doing a research on growing crops on the moon."

Everyone applaud.

Now it is rep. from country C's turn to give his speech. His country has nothing to offer but he can't tell everyone about it. He has to come up with something greater than the rest. He said:
"My country plans to send 5 astronauts to explore the sun by end of this year."

Someone from the audience asked, "Isn't that a bit hot, sir" The rep. reply "No, we plan to go at night."

Just for laugh! Thank you for reading

August 14, 2009

Rabbit Throw Tantrum

This is my pet rabbit. He was born on the 1st of April, 2006. Yeah, on April Fool's Day. Initially bought 3 rabbits as our 1st pet. Didn't learn more about rabbits and took those 3 cute rabbits home. Few months later found baby rabbits all over the cage. We had a hilarious time trying to figure out who was the mum. Luckily we got the information quite fast through the internet.

All his parents, brothers and sisters had short fur, except for him. So we decided to keep only him, the special one. The rest we gave it away to friends and some to the pet shop. We love him very much cause we took care of him since birth. I remembered he was the biggest new born compare to his siblings.

This is how he sleeps everyday. I find it weird. Even when I let him out during weekends, he still does this. He would find a nice corner in my garden and he will flip to his side with a loud thud. Does all rabbits sleeps like this or was it just mine. I felt he was throwing tantrum for not letting him out of his cage. Thank you for reading about my weird but funny pet rabbit.

August 11, 2009

New Born = White Paper

Mum used to say that when a child was born, he / she was like a white piece of paper, pure and innocent, waiting for the world to add colors to it. Some said the colors will appear itself when the time comes, others said it is all up to the parents or guardian. Personally, I think parents come in few categories.

"Take your time" parents.
They allow their children to grow at their own pace. Let them be themselves. Let them take all the time in the world to discover who they really are. (Hope they hang out with the right company)

"Hot Tempered" parents.
These are the most dangerous species of them all. They snap, gets irritated, agitated very easily when it comes to children. They find children to be a burden. There will be lots of yelling, screaming etc from both parents and children. Some lead to death too. (Pathetic)

"Mould" parents.
These parents already got a mould in hand. Ready to shape their kids the way they want them to be, or maybe to make them become someone that they failed to be. (All the best, kid)

"Military" parents.
These are parents that run their family like an army camp. Lights out by 10.00, breakfast at 7.00 sharp etc. Children are not suppose to choose or make decisions. Everything was pre-plan for them. All they need to do is just follow the schedule. (Poor child)

"Furniture" parents.
They treat their kids like furniture. They know their kids exist, but knows very little about them. Never take note about stuffs like exam dates, what class are they in, not to mention favourite movies etc. (Gosh)

"Overprotective" parents.
They would go all out to warn the whole world not to ever upset their children. These are folks who made many enemies since they had kids. One slight complain from their kids about you and you are doom. They will declare war to just about anyone. (Beware)

"BFF" parents.
These parents love to be their kids best friend. Share secrets, do stuffs together, hang out together, just like any other best friends all over. (Cool)

I like the last one best. I do share secrets with my kids and they trust me completely with their secrets too. So, which category do you belong to? Well, don't know about you, but I read a lot about parenting before I became a parent.

Just something for you to think about. Thanks for reading.

August 7, 2009

Healthy Carrot Rice

Click on photo for better view.

Many Asian families had rice almost everyday. Instead of serving white rice for dinner or lunch, why not try carrot rice. Not only will add colour to your rice but it is healthy too. It is very simple to do.

Shred some carrots. (Picture 1 above) Wash the uncook rice like normal. Add those shredded carrot and mix well. Add water and steam rice with carrot like how you normally do, either on a steamer or a rice cooker.

The cooked carrot rice does not have the carrot scent or taste. It is quite tasteless, or should I say taste exactly like rice without carrot. So it goes well with any dish. This is the best way to get your kids to eat carrots. If you have guests coming over for lunch or dinner, don't you think it look better to serve carrot rice rather than plain white rice? Happy trying. Thanks for reading.

August 4, 2009


A ten years old girl just came home from school.

Mom : So what did you do today?
Girl : Some senior boys ask me to plug papaya from a tree.
Mom : How did you do that when you are so short?
Girl : I stand on one of the boy's shoulder.
Mom : Next time don't do that anymore.
Girl : Why?
Mom : They just want to see your panties.

Next day, the girl came home from school.

Mom : How was your day?
Girl : Same like yesterday, but today I plug more papayas.
Mom : I thought I told you they just want to see your panties.
Girl : Today I outsmarted them. I didn't wear any.

Well, moms out there, be careful with your choice of words.
Thank you for reading. Just for laughs.

August 1, 2009

A True Ghost Wedding

This is a true story based on what happen to my step great grandma sometime ago in Malaysia in the 50s. The story goes like this. My grandma had a step mom. The step mom had 2 sons and a daughter. When the daughter was only a toddler at the age where she just learned to walk, something tragic happened. Step mom had the habit of brewing hot coffee every morning. She would placed it in a big jug on the dining table.

One fine morning, when everyone was busy with their chores, the daughter manage to climb up the stool and somehow grab hold of the hot jug of coffee and at the same time tying to maintain her balance. She felled, along with that hot jug of coffee. It spilled all over her. She did not survive the burn. She died the next day.

About 20 years later, a lady came knocking on step mom's door asking for her. She ask if her name was so and so. She also mentioned that she need to confirm if she was the right person. She spoke about step mom's 2 sons and daughter. Step mom was so surprise. How could this stranger know so much about her family. The lady even mentioned the name, date of birth and the date her late daughter passed away. Wow! this is creepy because they had never told anyone about this except for that few close relatives.

Step mom said yes, she was that person she was looking for. The lady said the purpose of her visit was to discuss about a marriage proposal. Step mom was shocked. Who was getting married? She told the lady she got the wrong family. The lady somehow persuaded her to listen to her part of the story.

She came on behalf of a family who stayed in the next village. This family had a son who passed away at a very young age. Recently the mother of the boy kept getting the same dream every night. She dreamt that her son was no longer a child but grown to a handsome young man. He told her that he met a lovely young lady in his world and had fallen for her. He wish to marry her but need the consent of both parents. He also insisted on a full traditional Chinese wedding ceremony.

After having the same dream for so many nights, the lady consulted a medium who had the power to help her to communicate with the other world. She manage to track down her late son and get to speak to him. He said the same thing that he did every night in her dream. The mom agreed and said she will find the girl's family and prepare for the wedding. The girl they were talking about was step mom's late daughter.

Step mom didn't believe at first but after much persuasion, she agreed to meet the other family. Both family sat down and discussed on the wedding arrangements and a date was set.Everything was done exactly how a traditional Chinese wedding should be, minus the bride and groom of course. A chicken was used to represent the bride and a cock to represent the groom. Gifts to the bride like jewelery, make-up sets, clothes and stuff was made of paper and was later burned, to sent it to the bride in the other world.

After the wedding, both family never meet again. No one had anymore weird dreams etc, and no one knows what happen to the two love birds the other side. Hope they live happily ever after, so to speak. Sorry can't make this story any shorter. Thanks for reading.

Believe it or not!?!?!
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