August 4, 2009


A ten years old girl just came home from school.

Mom : So what did you do today?
Girl : Some senior boys ask me to plug papaya from a tree.
Mom : How did you do that when you are so short?
Girl : I stand on one of the boy's shoulder.
Mom : Next time don't do that anymore.
Girl : Why?
Mom : They just want to see your panties.

Next day, the girl came home from school.

Mom : How was your day?
Girl : Same like yesterday, but today I plug more papayas.
Mom : I thought I told you they just want to see your panties.
Girl : Today I outsmarted them. I didn't wear any.

Well, moms out there, be careful with your choice of words.
Thank you for reading. Just for laughs.


Vodka Logic said...

Funny and good advice,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

LWK said...

LOL.. good one. The moral of the story rings true.

Owner said...


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image_of_purity said...

she really outsmart them that tym...poor girl..

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