August 11, 2009

New Born = White Paper

Mum used to say that when a child was born, he / she was like a white piece of paper, pure and innocent, waiting for the world to add colors to it. Some said the colors will appear itself when the time comes, others said it is all up to the parents or guardian. Personally, I think parents come in few categories.

"Take your time" parents.
They allow their children to grow at their own pace. Let them be themselves. Let them take all the time in the world to discover who they really are. (Hope they hang out with the right company)

"Hot Tempered" parents.
These are the most dangerous species of them all. They snap, gets irritated, agitated very easily when it comes to children. They find children to be a burden. There will be lots of yelling, screaming etc from both parents and children. Some lead to death too. (Pathetic)

"Mould" parents.
These parents already got a mould in hand. Ready to shape their kids the way they want them to be, or maybe to make them become someone that they failed to be. (All the best, kid)

"Military" parents.
These are parents that run their family like an army camp. Lights out by 10.00, breakfast at 7.00 sharp etc. Children are not suppose to choose or make decisions. Everything was pre-plan for them. All they need to do is just follow the schedule. (Poor child)

"Furniture" parents.
They treat their kids like furniture. They know their kids exist, but knows very little about them. Never take note about stuffs like exam dates, what class are they in, not to mention favourite movies etc. (Gosh)

"Overprotective" parents.
They would go all out to warn the whole world not to ever upset their children. These are folks who made many enemies since they had kids. One slight complain from their kids about you and you are doom. They will declare war to just about anyone. (Beware)

"BFF" parents.
These parents love to be their kids best friend. Share secrets, do stuffs together, hang out together, just like any other best friends all over. (Cool)

I like the last one best. I do share secrets with my kids and they trust me completely with their secrets too. So, which category do you belong to? Well, don't know about you, but I read a lot about parenting before I became a parent.

Just something for you to think about. Thanks for reading.


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