August 1, 2009

A True Ghost Wedding

This is a true story based on what happen to my step great grandma sometime ago in Malaysia in the 50s. The story goes like this. My grandma had a step mom. The step mom had 2 sons and a daughter. When the daughter was only a toddler at the age where she just learned to walk, something tragic happened. Step mom had the habit of brewing hot coffee every morning. She would placed it in a big jug on the dining table.

One fine morning, when everyone was busy with their chores, the daughter manage to climb up the stool and somehow grab hold of the hot jug of coffee and at the same time tying to maintain her balance. She felled, along with that hot jug of coffee. It spilled all over her. She did not survive the burn. She died the next day.

About 20 years later, a lady came knocking on step mom's door asking for her. She ask if her name was so and so. She also mentioned that she need to confirm if she was the right person. She spoke about step mom's 2 sons and daughter. Step mom was so surprise. How could this stranger know so much about her family. The lady even mentioned the name, date of birth and the date her late daughter passed away. Wow! this is creepy because they had never told anyone about this except for that few close relatives.

Step mom said yes, she was that person she was looking for. The lady said the purpose of her visit was to discuss about a marriage proposal. Step mom was shocked. Who was getting married? She told the lady she got the wrong family. The lady somehow persuaded her to listen to her part of the story.

She came on behalf of a family who stayed in the next village. This family had a son who passed away at a very young age. Recently the mother of the boy kept getting the same dream every night. She dreamt that her son was no longer a child but grown to a handsome young man. He told her that he met a lovely young lady in his world and had fallen for her. He wish to marry her but need the consent of both parents. He also insisted on a full traditional Chinese wedding ceremony.

After having the same dream for so many nights, the lady consulted a medium who had the power to help her to communicate with the other world. She manage to track down her late son and get to speak to him. He said the same thing that he did every night in her dream. The mom agreed and said she will find the girl's family and prepare for the wedding. The girl they were talking about was step mom's late daughter.

Step mom didn't believe at first but after much persuasion, she agreed to meet the other family. Both family sat down and discussed on the wedding arrangements and a date was set.Everything was done exactly how a traditional Chinese wedding should be, minus the bride and groom of course. A chicken was used to represent the bride and a cock to represent the groom. Gifts to the bride like jewelery, make-up sets, clothes and stuff was made of paper and was later burned, to sent it to the bride in the other world.

After the wedding, both family never meet again. No one had anymore weird dreams etc, and no one knows what happen to the two love birds the other side. Hope they live happily ever after, so to speak. Sorry can't make this story any shorter. Thanks for reading.

Believe it or not!?!?!


James Oh said...

The past is history and do not let this disturbed you. Keep on moving forward your goal - that is more important and the way of life.

rainfield61 said...

A good story. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have returned you with a gift * .

Aries said...

thank you for reading and commenting

Natesh said...

There are many such reported world wide. But very hard to believe.

However your blog is very good!


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