August 26, 2009

My Bonsai Love Story

click on the photo for clearer view.

Now that I caught your attention, I would like to show off one of my creation. No point creating something and hide it from the rest of the world. My heart shape Bonsai. Well the best I can do is bend it to look like a "heart". I tried once (the top photo) but it didn't really look like a "heart". Then manage to bent a smaller pot of bonsai. Now it look more like a "heart". (the bottom photo).

I didn't use wire. I used thread and tie the end of the 2 longest shoot and pull it down like a cross and wait for it to turn woody. Then I cut off all excess branch and leave. Now I just wait for the leaves from the sides to appear. Now it appear bald. Perhaps few more weeks it will look much better.

I have gone through a number of web/blog about bonsai. All they mentioned was how to plant, prune, maintain, fertilizer to use and gardening tools. None teaches how to shape it. Hope I could find a website that shows how to shape it, like a cross stitch book, where they will show you from shape "A" to "Z", cartoons character, etc. All I have to do is just follow instruction.

Perhaps one fine day I would make some unique shape out of it, like maybe my name of my face. (In my dream, I guess). My neighbor's brother manage to shape it into a Chinese word. Well this is gardening. It teaches us to be patience, creative, learn to appreciate nature and do not tamper with nature. Thanks for reading.


Vodka Logic said...

And patience is something I never had...good job they look great

Lexi said...


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Tracy said...

I don't blame you for wanting to show off your creations - they're beautiful!

Jeannie said...

What a lovely blog you have! I like your monkey theme, your bonsai, your recipe and your rabbit is so I followed your blog.
Great posts!


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