August 18, 2009

A visit to the sun ?!?!

There was a conference between few countries. The topic was about space exploration. A representative from each country would take turn to give a speech about their latest achievement.

Rep. from country A spoke first:
"By end of this year, my people will be building a science lab in space with 1,000 scientist on board."

Everyone applaud.

Rep. from country B said:
"By mid of next year, my country will be sending a team of 10 astronauts to the moon. We are doing a research on growing crops on the moon."

Everyone applaud.

Now it is rep. from country C's turn to give his speech. His country has nothing to offer but he can't tell everyone about it. He has to come up with something greater than the rest. He said:
"My country plans to send 5 astronauts to explore the sun by end of this year."

Someone from the audience asked, "Isn't that a bit hot, sir" The rep. reply "No, we plan to go at night."

Just for laugh! Thank you for reading


tracieMoo said...

I've heard it before somewhere.. I think Uncle Chong told me that before. And that man(C).. I know who.. Hahahaha...

Malaysian Layman said...

Nice joke! Caught me by surprise!

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