August 21, 2009

Potato Jelly

Click on the photo for clearer view.

A friend of mine gave me jelly one day and ask me to guess what was the ingredient. That was easy. The potato taste was strong but nice. Like it very much. I didn't know before that, that potatoes can be used in making jelly. You would love this recipe provided you like potatoes.


Gelatine - 1 packet (I prefer to buy the brand as in picture above. It looks like strings.)
Sugar (I normally use rock sugar)
Potatoes (1 to 2 will do, depending on the size of your potatoes. Don't add too much)

1. Steam potatoes and mash it.
2. Boil gelatine with sugar and water. If you are using the one I mentioned above, you would need 1.2 liter or about 5 cups of water.
3. Sieve the dissolved gelatine into another pot. Continue to boil it and add mash potatoes. Mix well. (This type of jelly sometime does not dissolve properly, so it is better to sieve it first before you add potatoes)
4. Once potatoes are added, don't have to boil so long. About 5 minutes will do. Just to make sure they mix well and no lumps of mash potatoes here and there.
5. Pour into mould / container etc and leave to cool before you put it in the fridge.

Trust me on this. It taste lovely. My kids love it too. Happy trying. Thanks for reading


Jean said...

Hi jelly...this is truly authentic, will try it someday...thanks 4 the recipe..cheers

Mads said...

Looks yummy!! I think I'll try this when I have time


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