July 28, 2013

He Really Do Understand

Once I adopted a puppy, named him Muffin, I started to learn how to train him via you-tube. He knows how to "sit", "down", "go potty" at the right place, "high five", "hand shake" and sometime "turn around". Still teaching him new tricks. After a few months of training, without realizing, I kinda start teaching him like teaching a child. Everything he eats or see I started telling him the name of it.

One day, I realize I am talking to my dog like talking to a child. Think again and found it to be quite silly. What am I doing? What was I thinking? Does he really understands me? Can we really communicate like this? For your information, Muffin is my first pet dog. When I was young, my mum never allow pets. Not sure why.

To my surprise Muffin really do understand and is a fast learner too. Anytime I mentioned the rabbit, he would look at the rabbit's cage. When I say "go see bird" he would look up the sky and the electric cable above as birds love to sit and chat on that line. When I put a carrot by the side of his toy and said "fetch carrot" he got it right. He knows so many words now a days. So proud of him.

He sleeps outside and only allowed inside the house once in a while. Once he is in, he refuse to go out. I would used dog treats to lure him out but he would only follow up to the glass door and refuse to go out even if I throw his favorite treat out. We would have to drag him out. One day I outsmarted him. He came into the house, after awhile I asked him to go out. He refuse as normal. I took a dog treat hold it out so that he can see and said "I am going to give this to the rabbit" he follow me to the sliding glass door like usual and the minute he sees me trying to feed the rabbit with his favorite treat, he ran out to snatch it from me. When he is busy munching, I just walk back into the house and lock him out.

Having a dog really is like having a young child at home. Always have doubt if they understand us at all but they actually do. Since I see him most of the time, he trust me more than any member of the family. If hubby were to lock him in the cage because he need to wash the floor or car etc and later forgot about it and come into the house, Muffin would just sleep. But the minute he hears my voice, he would cry in a pitiful way like crying out for me to go rescue him. He sure knows who to bully.

Anyway, I am glad I adopted him. Really make my life more interesting and I had learned a lot about dogs too. Thanks for reading. Hope your pet is as fun and loving as mine. Happy parenting your pets.

July 16, 2013

To Tell Or Not To Tell

Sometime ago, I noticed a relative's daughter getting very close with a guy. So I asked the mum if her girl is dating and she look surprise to find out. My hubby however, told me to keep such finding to myself and let the mum find out herself. What if one day I were to bump into someone's husband holding another girl's hand, should I tell? What if I found out someone's son skipped school without the parents knowing, should I tell? If I saw a neighbor's teenage son shoplifting, should I tell?

Should I wait for their parents, who happens to be someone I know, find out themselves? Or should I tell? Will they believe me? I remembered on The Oprah Show once, a lady said her teenage son admired a girl and tried to kiss her one day. After that day the girl kept inviting her son to meet up and even said she can masturbate etc for him. The boy got scared and told his mum. The lady later told the girl's mum. She got so angry. She didn't believe her, in fact accused her of lying. From that day onward they never spoke again.

Sometime I wonder, to what extend or how severe before deciding to tell. Would you tell? As a mum I would like others to inform me if such thing arise. I always tell my sons that no matter what, good or bad I want to hear from them and would be very upset if I get to hear it from a third party.

Thanks for reading. Just something that got me thinking. Happy blogging to you.

July 2, 2013

Rat And Bird Tale

Few weeks back, as I was washing dishes by the sink, which has a window that look out to the backward. Every now and then I would see a mouse ran pass. Like any mouse, it would dash from one hiding place to another until it reaches it's destination. At that particular moment, I saw a mouse standing right behind my opposite neighbor's stair case, waiting to dash across to the other side.

Just a few feet away, a pigeon was standing there pecking the ground looking for food, in the open. I could see the mouse is in such a hurry, it dashed to the open in great speed and suddenly realize the pigeon standing in it's way and is double it's size. He ran too fast that when the mouse braked to stop, it skidded and hit the pigeon. Both fell and the mouse dash back to where it came from.

The pigeon, however, just stood up and continue what ever it is doing. I could see the mouse back at the stair case, whole body moving up and down in heavy breathing. It is hilarious, for me. I never imagine I would witnessed something like this. Normally stunts like these I only get from cartoon network, but this is real. Just like when Tom chasing Jerry around the house.

Since everything happened so fast, I have no time to video taped it. Guess I would have to write it down so that in the future I will have one more exciting tale to tell my grandchildren. Thanks for reading. Share if you have tales like this, too.
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