July 16, 2013

To Tell Or Not To Tell

Sometime ago, I noticed a relative's daughter getting very close with a guy. So I asked the mum if her girl is dating and she look surprise to find out. My hubby however, told me to keep such finding to myself and let the mum find out herself. What if one day I were to bump into someone's husband holding another girl's hand, should I tell? What if I found out someone's son skipped school without the parents knowing, should I tell? If I saw a neighbor's teenage son shoplifting, should I tell?

Should I wait for their parents, who happens to be someone I know, find out themselves? Or should I tell? Will they believe me? I remembered on The Oprah Show once, a lady said her teenage son admired a girl and tried to kiss her one day. After that day the girl kept inviting her son to meet up and even said she can masturbate etc for him. The boy got scared and told his mum. The lady later told the girl's mum. She got so angry. She didn't believe her, in fact accused her of lying. From that day onward they never spoke again.

Sometime I wonder, to what extend or how severe before deciding to tell. Would you tell? As a mum I would like others to inform me if such thing arise. I always tell my sons that no matter what, good or bad I want to hear from them and would be very upset if I get to hear it from a third party.

Thanks for reading. Just something that got me thinking. Happy blogging to you.


Mr. Shife said...

Wow. I am so glad I am dude when it comes to masturbation. I did bring a shovel. Do you need it. Enjoy your time off, and talk to you soon.

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