July 2, 2013

Rat And Bird Tale

Few weeks back, as I was washing dishes by the sink, which has a window that look out to the backward. Every now and then I would see a mouse ran pass. Like any mouse, it would dash from one hiding place to another until it reaches it's destination. At that particular moment, I saw a mouse standing right behind my opposite neighbor's stair case, waiting to dash across to the other side.

Just a few feet away, a pigeon was standing there pecking the ground looking for food, in the open. I could see the mouse is in such a hurry, it dashed to the open in great speed and suddenly realize the pigeon standing in it's way and is double it's size. He ran too fast that when the mouse braked to stop, it skidded and hit the pigeon. Both fell and the mouse dash back to where it came from.

The pigeon, however, just stood up and continue what ever it is doing. I could see the mouse back at the stair case, whole body moving up and down in heavy breathing. It is hilarious, for me. I never imagine I would witnessed something like this. Normally stunts like these I only get from cartoon network, but this is real. Just like when Tom chasing Jerry around the house.

Since everything happened so fast, I have no time to video taped it. Guess I would have to write it down so that in the future I will have one more exciting tale to tell my grandchildren. Thanks for reading. Share if you have tales like this, too.


kden said...

Our kitchen window looks out into our backyard and I often see mice running around too, but I would love to see something as funny as that.

If you want to read more Deadliest Catch tales you can go back to October 21 of 2012 and read my 4 part post about a trip I won to Dutch Harbor to visit Capt. Keith from the show. It was not a good trip overall but it might give you a few laughs. I still love the show though and am always glad to hear others do too!

Mr. Shife said...

I am glad you mentioned it because the way described totally reminded me of a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Very amusing and thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Aries said...

Hi, thanks for your comments

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