July 24, 2009

Money Overflow

So far I guess the easiest to plant is "money plant" or also known as Scindapsus aureus (I think). Don't know why it is known as money plant when it does not look like any form of currency that I know. Maybe someone, sometime ago tried to sell this particular plant of his and came up with this catchy name to attract buyers.

If you want some, don't really have to buy. Just say hi to one of your neighbors that has this plant and ask for some. Just cut or even pluck with your hand. It can live in soil or even just water. Those that I put outdoor, I plant it in soil. Indoors, normally I would place it in a nice bottle or vase with just plain water. You don't really have to pay much attention to it.

I notice that when I grow it in soil outdoors, it grows about one to two inches per day. In no time I will get a long strand of money plant. Roots will appear along the strand. It is a creepy plant so once in a while I have to check on it to make sure its roots does not stick to my wall or on anything that is near it . It would leave marks.

When I plant it indoor, in a vase or pot of plain water or in jelly, the plant grows extremely slow or stop growing. Leaves are still green and shiny but no additional leaves. Well the pros and cons of "money plant". One of my friend came by my house last month. Haven't seen her for years. I gave her some potted plants as a gift (I love doing that) and she said my house is just like the plant nursery with variety of plants. Anyone need plants to decorate their house, just pay me a visit.


lwk said...

Yeah, so true. I've got tonnes of money plant at home too. They grow so rapidly with so little attention, as you have described. For some reason, my money plants don't grow so well indoors too, but grow exceptionally on the balcony. Some of them have grown so long that they are touching the floor below, lol. That's my cue to trim them. And I usually donate the trimmed stems. They're so easy to grow. If only my cold hard cash grew as easily as my 'money plants'.. haha.

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