July 19, 2009

Peanut Butter Banana Toast

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I saw this on t.v, one of those cook show. It is simple, fast and easy to prepare. Children loves it. I know it looks like another of those fattening unhealthy fast food snack but eating it once a month won't hurt. It is really yummy.

Ingredients are:

Peanut butter
Bread (preferable wholemeal)

Spread peanut butter on both bread. Cut banana in slices and arrange on bread. Put the two bread together to make a sandwich. Heat up a non-stick pan with a bit of butter. Toast the bread on the pan on both side till brown. If you intend to cut it into two (triangle or what ever shape you desire), do that after you the toasting. Serve immediately. I like it when it is hot and crunchy.

If you prefer to use the oven or toaster instead, than spread butter on the bread first (outer part) before you toast it in a toaster or oven. The purpose of spreading the butter is, when you bite into it, you will get a savoury combination of salty butter and sweet peanut butter and banana. Hmmm yummy! I am drooling already. Happy trying.


Vodka Logic said...

I love bananas and peanut butter and just to save the calories of the bread and butter I just put a dolup of peanut butter on the banana as I eat it traditional style.

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