July 15, 2009

New Kid On The Blog

Hi! I am the new kid on the blog. Aim of blogging is to make new friends and let old one know what I am up to lately. Being an Aries, one hobby is not enough. Latest addition, blogging. I had read quite a number of blogs and it looks like quite fun to blog.

I hope, through my blog, I could get connected to others around the world who shares the same interest as me. Most of my posts would be about cooking, gardening, parenting, reading and share with everyone about stuffs I just learned or current issues.

No doubt I am only an anchovy swimming in the big sea of bloggers, hope I would not be left unnoticed. I am still at the learning stage. Guess this is it. A space for me to show off about what I know and had learn. Don't get me wrong. I am no "guru" or "master" trying to teach others. If you think that we had a lot in common, post me your URL on the comment column so that I could read your blog.

Hope I am welcome with open arms. Will be posting more soon. I won't be far, just a blog away. See you soon.


Vodka Logic said...

The more bloggers the merrier.. joined you blog..x

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