November 4, 2009

D.I.Y Fish Pond

Click on the photo for clearer view.

My husband made this pond himself. He bought all those stuffs like cement, wood plank etc. At first it look like a rectangle container made of cement. Later he adds the sides on top and I added some potted plants and there it is, a lovely fish pond.

Took him about few days to come up with the pond and about a week to leave it to dry. After it was dried properly, we have to add water and check for leakage. It did leak at first, after some patches here and there, finally, perfect. After a week or so, filled it with water and added some small fishes to test it out to see if it is "fish safe".

We still have those small fishes in it. Maybe by end of this year, we might change to rearing "koi" fish. The pond is about a year (plus) old by now. We keep changing and adding plants and those lovely tiny "animals" around the pond.

Guess now it serves like our "doll house". We would decorate and redecorate and never satisfy. Another hobby to keep both of us busy and happy too. Something to show off and be proud of it. That's the different between D.I.Y and ready made stuffs. Especially when neighbors, family and friends drop by and praise the pond, we would proudly say that we did it ourselves.

Just something to show off. Thanks for reading. Hope you are inspired to make your own fish pond too. You can get all the information needed from the internet.


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Hi Aries, nice DIY pond you made there!

My fish pond was also a D-I-Y project by me with a little help from my DH...mine is round and I also used the bamboo for walling and for the fountain..I also filled it with water plants... I once tried to grow a lotus, but it died because the fish used to feed on them.
I guess the only mistake I did was I placed my water feature where sun lights most of the day, the easily accumulates moss and it really looks messy. It's good for the fish though.

Nice to meet another blogger who loves DIY!
Keep on posting!

Aries said...

Guess round pond would be even harder to make. We could learn from each other on DIY. Glad we have a lot in common.

Sweetromance2 said...

I wish you lived near me, I'd ask you to build me one. Yours turned out great. I love the plants you added, but I love the beautiful waterlillies.

baili said...

hi thanks for sharing that beautiful idea ,i liked your blog and post keep up the good work take care

MeiChun Jones (Jeannie) said...

Great job! It sure is something that you can show off. It's cute and pretty.

IamNoOne said...

Great ponds you have. It was nice to have something you create on your own much more earn praises because of it. You must be proud of your husband.

ness dropping by from linkreferral,

Ajit Kumar said...

Hi Aries, that's a cute little pond. Great job you guys. Congrats. You should be proud to own those tiny creatures. I too have a small aquarium with 8 gold fishes and a black one. Anyways, Nice blog and keep blogging.

Warm Regards,
Ajit Kumar

Let's Go China said...

Nice blog!

Lillie said...

Can I ask how do you waterproof the pond? I also want to try to build a pond

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