November 20, 2009

Guess Who Is In The Neighbourhood

I used to see stray cats and dogs in my backyard. My back door (kitchen) is near my sink. I spent most of my time washing plates etc. When I am washing I like to look out the window and door. Most of the time I see stray cats and dogs. Occasionally a bird or two and rats at night. Once a gigantic rodent, the size of an adult cat, ran by.

These days, I spotted a new stray. Guess who I spotted, snooping around my neighbor's house. It looks like it is searching for something. Food I guess. Seen it a few times. At last I manage to catch it - on video only. (I am not really a fan of creepy crawler) I had neighbors planning to trap it. It was last seen last week. I wonder where could it be hiding. Houses every where. There's no bushes thick enough to hide. Hmmmm. Hope it will migrate to a safer place. There are Chinese family here who don't mind having it for dinner. Oh my goodness, hope they are joking. Run for your life dear, and fast. Wouldn't be nice ending up in someone's dining table.

Just a busybody who wanted to show you what I saw. Thanks for reading.


tracieMoo said...

oh my, wait till mum see's this. she will be very "geli" >.<

"BUTTERY"fly said...

I'm not sure how I would react if I see one in my backyard..But one thing is for sure, it wouldn't end up in our dining table. haha


Jerry Ng's Friend said...

Hey why the background sound is Warcraft 3?? Our allies town is under attack!

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