November 8, 2009

Six Sense

Few months ago, out of the blues, my brother-in-law, who rarely text me on the phone, send me a text message. He said due to so many H1N1 cases in Kuala Lumpur, how do I prevent. He said cod liver oil should help strenghthen our immune system. Ask if I think that is enough. I reply, now a days we eat raw minced garlic. I added raw minced garlic in our rice at dinner time. Even my 12 year old don't mind eating it this way, for health sake. Once you mix it in your rice and eat it with your dishes, it won't taste so bad. We eat like this for about 3 days a week. Not everyday.

A couple of weeks later he send me another text. He said his teenage daughter contracted H1N1 and now under quarantine at home. Not really serious, she recovered in just a few days but still need to stay in her room for at least a week.

Strange. It is like he could feel it coming. Maybe everyone does have some sort of six sense, just maybe we didn't really take note. So do you have that extra sense?

Just wanted to share this strange tale with all of you. Thanks for reading.


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Hi Aries,
Lucky you! That there's no need to force your kids to eat garlic. Take note a "raw garlic". I guess, that is something.

My eldest don't eat vegetables, but she loves fruits..So i always buy for her. While my youngest eats almost anything esp. veggies.

I used to be so Paranoid over that disease. I always make sure that my kids wear masks while they are at school. And provide them gallons of sanitizers LOL!
I even slip notes to their bags, reminding them to wash their hands thoroughly and more often.


Aries said...

It was quite scary, almost everyday my sons come home and said teacher announce another H1N1 case. Now it is less. No more H1N1 I hope. Have not heard of any new cases lately

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