November 28, 2009

Durian Jam

Durian. King of all fruits. (I wonder why it was known as the" king" when so many people can't stand the smell) My husband and his brothers and sisters are crazy for durian. I and my eldest son likes durian but not so crazy. My youngest son never likes the fruit but loves to eat durian cake, durian tart, durian ice-cream, durian jam or any type of cooking with durian. He is a strange boy, hah hah hah. One of my niece don't like the fruit too. When ever my in-laws organize a "Durian Party" (at least once a year, during Durian season) these 2 fellow will be watching t.v or at computer games. They won't even look at it.

This a simple resipe that a friend thought me many years ago. Anyway Durian season is over now (in Malaysia). Those who would like to try this resipe would have to wait till next year.

Durian, sugar and coconut milk. That's all.

Just put all the durians (together with the seeds), sugar and coconut milk in a pot and bring it to a boil. Make sure coconut milk covers all the durians. Sugar, up to you. I put rock sugar. You need more sugar because we are going to chill it before we serve and once it is cold it would taste less sweet.

Keep stirring untill you can see the flesh is remove from the seeds. By now the paste would look thick. Remove all the seeds. If at this point you still find it watery, add a bit of corn starch. Dilute the corn starch in water before pouring into the mixture.

Once it comes to a boil and is thick enough, remove from heat. You could eat it right away like porridge. I prefer to chill it and spread it on bread. My 2 sons eat it like ice-cream.

Happy trying for those durian lovers out there and thanks for reading.


"BUTTERY"fly said...

I haven't tasted the fruit yet, not even once because of the stinky smell of it. But have tried a Durian candy and it was good.


tracieMoo said...

not durian kaya meh..

Aries said...

Most of my reader are not local, they won't understand "kaya". "Kaya" is actually a type of "jam" .

Matthew said...

My wife would probably love this, but I don't think I could handle the smell in the house.

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