October 15, 2009

Learning is a challenge not a chore

Cultivate the habit of learning in your child from the very first day they were born. Make known to them that learning is something we need to do throughout our life and we can always do it the fun way.

Children ask a lot of questions when they were young. They are curious. They want to know more. This is the stage where their brains are like sponge. Anything you teach them they will learn and keep it in their brain. Don't kill their curiosity. Encourage them to ask more. Feed them with more information and they will eventually cultivate the habit to learn.

Your reaction towards their questions are very important. Your body language and your tone when you answer them. Don't ever show them you couldn't care less or agitated. If you don't know the answer don't get your child to ask another. Find out the answer together with your child. Let him / her know you are willing to learn too.

I read a lot about parenting when my 1st child was born. I do follow most of what I learned and guess what, with a little patience and practice, it does pay off. My 2 sons don't drag themselves to school. You see, when you increase their general knowledge at home, makes it easier to study in school. They felt like they know most of the stuffs already and won't find it so pressurize.

I remembered, one fine day, my youngest son came home from school and told me that he had a new teacher that day and she is just like me. He was only 8 years old then. Asked him what does he mean by that. He said " Mum, she knows everything, just like you". I was on top of the world that moment. I felt like I was just given the "Best Mum" award. Of course now he knows, I don't know "everything", but he knows I am always willing to learn.

"Do not be annoyed when your children ask impossible questions. Be proud that they think you know the answer" --------- got this from a joke book.

Trust me, all this does pay off. I will be posting more about how to train your young children to learn, to always want to know more on my next "mummy's tale". Thanks for reading.


IamNoOne said...

Learning starts from home. I remember that most of the good ethics I know today are the same things I learned from both my mother and grandma.

Keep your nice posts like this coming. I'm following you :)


ZH Ong said...

I do have one good point of view. If children do not learn from parents, eventually they will learn from others from the outside world where you would not know what they have learned and they may not have the knowledge to justify what is right or wrong. Good post!

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